Friday, August 14, 2009

a few new touches to the clutches

i finished up a few new snap clutches, and am setting up the listings in my shop right now, so those should be ready and officially available in the next hour or so.

i changed them just a bit. the bases are a just a wee bit more square-ish, and the flaps a bit more rounded. i also added darts at the bottom of the front and back, to give them a little more space inside, and also allow them to have a little more of a base. and the best new addition is that i added a pocket under the flap. so now the magnetic snap attaches to that pocket, which closes said pocket and the bag all at once!

hope you like them!

there are also two new shades of roundy-bottomed zipper purses.


brandeye said...

ohhh. make some more, i want one!

catyaty said...

I love the red purse! So cute!

Chelsea said...

i LOVE that polka dot clutch. adorable! i hope all is well & hope to hear from you!