Tuesday, December 29, 2009

beginnings and endings and all the stuff in between

i just added a new set of zipper purses to the madebyhank shop, in new and bright colors.

had such high hopes and goals for an organized and incredibly productive past few months, and especially the past few weeks. unfortunately, being human, life tends to get in the way sometimes, and the days pass and suddenly it is almost january.

i was sick on and off for the past few weeks. the worst possible timing, and perhaps a sign that i need to take it a little easier on myself.

and then there was the snow storm-- 23 inches here in philadelphia! oh, my.

i also had to finish up a few gifts for friends and gifts for friends' friends. i have not spent nearly enough time making things for the people i know this year. and i cannot remember the last time i made a bag for myself. it has been over a year, if not two. and if i were being perfectly honest, i have not made myself a bag since i first started making them. the most recent madebyhank bag that became mine was not made with myself in mind, was a mud-covered casualty of the sadness of the epic and torrential downpours of the chicago renegade craft fair last year. so in the coming weeks, i plan to not only add, but also cross 'make hank a madebyhank' off my ever-growing to-do list.

2009 was a bit rocky to say the least, but i feel that both katie henry the person and madebyhank the business have grown up quite a bit (and i think i am at a little proud of us both). i still have a lot of figuring out to do, of course, and i am hopeful that this coming year will bring great things. which is not to say that great things did not happen this year-- because great things certainly did happen this year!

i am taking some time to re-organize and re-think a few things, but am also sewing up a storm, and new shop updates are coming soon. i want to update a few of the existing styles, add some totally new designs, along with a few new and different small collections of the bigger bags.

my sewing room is a complete tornado, which is another project i am trying to tackle.

i just want to continue to make new and exciting things and keep myself and all of you as happy as possible.

thank you so much, each of you.

i know that thanking all of you through a blog post is not the most personal touch, but i assure you that the gratitude i feel for each of you comes from a very sincere place indeed.

and as soon as i catch up a bit more, i will post about the upcoming giveaways i am working on. i have a few tricks up my sleeve for 2010 indeed.



i am pam said...

Happy New Katie and madebyhank! I totally understand the need to organize - my sewing area is crazy as well! I look forward to fun stuff next year from your shop! Take care and keep warm!

Unknown said...

those pictures are like pouch porn!

Connie said...

I think you've done so much this past year, you should be proud! And take it easy & stay warm. may this next year be even better

Anna said...

Looking forward to the new items! Although your stuff right now is quite amazing. I just have to force myself to buy one (haha not much force need here).

jozen said...

can't wait to see you new stuff!!!