Tuesday, January 19, 2010

upcoming shows and a winter sale

last night i met up with my friend adriane, so that we could talk about our upcoming show (which will open the second friday in march). she makes so many very different and very amazing things, and for this particular event, she is working on a set of beautiful enameled brooches with the teeniest little paintings on them, and i was lucky enough to have a sneak peek of them. i am super excited to have our work displayed together, because she is one of my favorite makers-of-things.

it has also been quite a while since i have worked on the sewn illustrations i used to make, so i am also psyched to work on something a little different. unfortunately my website is not working at the moment, but sometime soon i will dig out my external hard drive and post some photos to flickr of my past work.

i also have a show with a few other ladies that opens the first friday in february (the 5th) at vagabond boutique. so the coming weeks will be especially busy, but in a very exciting way.

i will post sneak peeks once i can get some photos together and more details about times and locations soon.

oh, and you should take a moment to take a peek at adriane's etsy shop, because she is having a sweet sale right now on her vintage flocked wallpaper jewelry.

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julia said...

That's so nice that you are going to get to be in a show with some of your work. It's nice to be able to switch things up a bit, helps keep the creative juices flowing! :)