Monday, August 2, 2010

victoria, emily, and olivia

victoria front
emily front
olivia front

phew-- it has been a while! so many things are happening and changing and the days have been flying by with lightning speed. frances and i moved to a new place. though it is only about ten blocks away from our previous home, it feels like a different world. so many more trees and windows and close-by pals. the heat wave finally broke here in philadelphia, and i finally feel like i can walk outside without melting. i have a few tricks up my sleeve for the coming weeks, but more on that later. right now i am busy settling in and sewing hard.

i apologize again to everyone who received their orders from the past few weeks later than anticipated. thats the problem with being a human, life throws unexpected hurdles your way every now and then and sets you back a bit. everything is back on track now and full steam ahead.

i just added three new styles of bags to the shop-- victoria (large), emily (small), and olivia (medium). these will take up to one week to be prepared for shipping, please keep this in mind when ordering. thank you!


Lori said...

Gorgeous, as usual. Love the colors.

Miranda said...

These are amazing! Great work Hank :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on selling over 3,000 hanks, Katie! :)