Sunday, October 17, 2010

shop update!

i will be updating the shop tomorrow (monday) morning, with new small shoulder bags. two different styles of tough ruffles, as well as four smaller purses in vintage prints. all of the bags have adjustable fabric straps and antique brass hardware. they are also all finished with antique brass rivets. rivets, rivets, rivets! if you know me in real life and have had a conversation with me in the past few weeks, you have heard of my newfound live for rivets. i am pretty sure my neighbors hate them as much as i love them. oops.


Unknown said...

LOVE these!!! i reallllly hope i'll be able to snag one. having a ridiculously hard time choosing between the poppy and either of the ruffled ones!

Lori P said...

I just had to laugh. I've recently begun to use rivets and can understand your neighbors love as well as your own. Can SO relate. :)

Beautiful bags, too!

Tumus said...

I can't tell if I missed the update or not because I never saw them in the shop or as sold :(

Did these all vanish before then or are you selling on a new site instead of Etsy?

katie henry said...

there are still a few available. they are in the big cartel shop ( i accidentally combined the links to my etsy/bigcartel in the post. i fixed it, thanks for bringing it to my attention. hope this helps!