Friday, March 18, 2011

heartcharlie + madebyhank

wristlet giveaway
the very sweet (and very stylish!) keri is hosting a giveaway on her blog, heartcharlie. enter to win one of my wristlets!


Lori P said...

The wristlets are beautiful. Nice interview! I agree 100% about staying true to yourself. I saw a shop on Etsy the other day that blatantly copied your designs and couldn't believe it - although I shouldn't be surprised. The same thing has happened to me. Your comment in the interview brings it home.

Casie Haley Photography said...


I'm so happy that you are so successful! Your bags really are "one of a kind", and each one is a reflection of you! I know I've thanked you many times... but I really am so happy with every bag, clutch, zipper purse, and roundy bottomed purse I've ever purchased from you!

Anonymous said...

all so beautiful!!