Friday, January 9, 2009

the bambi project, a few clutches, and a porcupine in my throat

i apologize for being a bit of a deadbeat blogger lately. i have been hard at work, i assure you. i am working on a new batch of my sewn drawings, which will be part of a show with katherine kaminski in february at the bambi gallery. i am very excited to work with candace (she owns the bambi gallery), and katherine, whom i have not yet met. i am not at liberty to reveal what she will be displaying, but it is very large and sweet and often found in the forest.

here is a sneak peek of one of my pieces

i will share more details about the show soon!

i am trying to also keep my etsy shop stocked, but because i have limited time to finish my work for bambi, this is proving to be a bit difficult right now. i finished up a few clutches and added them to the shop this morning, and i will try my best to add more bags soon!

i am also trying to keep myself healthy, because yesterday i woke up with a small porcupine in my throat. you know the feeling- achy everything, heavy head, no energy, fuzzy brain...
this does not make for a very productive day of sewing. and because i cannot get sick right now, i decided it was best to rest and drink lots of orange juice and tea and also watch stomp the yard, of course. if you have not seen this, please do. the battle scenes are so good. and it is kind of hilarious, because they are super tough dudes and they are dance battling each other. also, please watch rize, which is the documentary about clowning and krumping. rize is so much more amazing, because these are just regular kids, and their moves are incredible.

oh, you didn't know? i am a bit obsessed with dance movies. and completely unashamed.

i will post about future shop updates when they are ready.

and i hope everyone is enjoying 2009 so far!


dang argyle said...

i'm glad to read someone else is into dance movies! i mean, good ones. rize is amazing. i saw tommy the clown, larry and some others in town last year, which was fun.
i rented stomp the yard recently but havent watched it yet!

you might enjoy this:
awesome videos and moves. combines classical and hip hop dance moves. love it! they are performing here tomorrow actually. i should go. but probably wont.

Jimin said...

i am in love with your work. amazing!

Anonymous said...

That bambi piece is such a lovely and cute one! Thank you for also keeping yout etsy shop stocked. I'm always there when i stop by etsy waiting for my fav purse to pop out! n_n Please do take good carez and rest if you have to. Health is most important of all! Have a good weekend!

knack said...

I just think your work is fantastic!! I have been trying to purchase one of your pieces on etsy!!:) I'll get one , one of these days!!

Your work for the upcoming show is so sweet !! Hope it goes well for you!

Darla said...

Ok, ok, did we not know of each other's secret loves of dance moves?! Mine is specifically skewed towards step teams/drum teams, which are basically my equivalent of bag pipes (aka make me cry)...and do you know that because of this insane love for drum teams that Savannah surprised me with a drum/step team at my wedding???? It was amazingly amazing and it was the only time I cried all day...le sigh....

Jeanne Oliver said...

LOVE the sewn drawing and hope you share more soon. Also can't wait until you get more clutches in the shop.

kristina said...

Hope that porcupine is soon gone and take care of yourself-----thank you for making such beautiful things that help to brighten up a day.