Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my favorite place in this city

i cannot even remember how i stumbled upon this wonderful and magical place. in all the beauty that is the parkway central branch free library of philadelphia, this room is the most very splendid of them all.

it is the prints and pictures department. in this room, you can write words on a little sheet of paper and the very patient and knowledgeable folks who spend so many hours in there will provide folders of images pertaining to your chosen topics for you to browse through for as long as you like. you are even allowed to check out individual images. there are drawers and drawers full of old magazine and newspaper clippings, photographs, pages of books, all sorts of things.

this is where is find a large part of my inspiration for my little sewn drawings that i make. i have been itching to create more of these lately. but i am so focused on preparing for the renegade craft fair in chicago (in just over two weeks!) that i have not had the chance.

hopefully one day soon i will be able to spend the better part of a day in this room, and the better part of a month creating some new sewn drawings.

ps- the photographs are polaroids that manny took a while back. he had a show at this library that was curated by karen lightner (the woman pictured in the first photograph) and took these shortly afterward. the ones he shot on film are even prettier.

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