Friday, August 29, 2008


i cannot thank everyone enough for their support of my little business that seems to be growing and succeeding.

yesterday jaci of cravejewelrydesign messaged me to let me know that i was featured in an etsy article called the storque. i was so excited just to be in the article, and i had to do a double take when i realized that julie chesler of vain and vapid was the one who wrote it.

this is one lady with a very good eye for all things stylish and lovely, so i felt very flattered to say the least when she picked one of my bags. she makes beautiful handmade clothing and names some of her very charming dresses after the lisbon girls from the virgin suicides, which happens to be one of my favorite books. she has a blog also, which is where i first found her. thank you, julie!

kasey spain of kasey spain photography also wrote so many very kind and enthusiastic words about me yesterday, on her blog. thank you, kasey!

i kind of feel like the slightly nerdy girl who one day the popular girls ask her to sit at their lunch table, but they actually want her to sit with them, and not to play a joke on her.

i ate mint chocolate chip soy delicious ice cream for breakfast because it is my favorite and because i am a grown up so i can certainly eat ice cream for breakfast and because i am so so very happy that people like the things that i sew.

thank you everyone, again and again.

oh, and ps- i am still trying to figure out what to make for the giveaway, but keep leaving comments on the previous post and i will post photos of what the lucky winner will win very soon!

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