Saturday, July 25, 2009

adventures in north phily

recent thrift finds

thrifted leather

a lovely lady names marianne has been helping me a bit with some madebyhank tasks. she spent the better part of the first day helping me stamp shipping supplies and tags and cutting fleece (the stuff i sew into each of my creations), which was a huge help. this is kind of a big step for me, as i have been so hesitant to hand off tasks, even though i so clearly could use a helper.

earlier this week, her and i went on a whirlwind thrifting adventure in north philadelphia. since moving back south, i have not made it out to my favorite thrift stores. that was the one benefit of living in fishtown, i suppose. thrift stores galore within biking distance. but marianne (said helper) rented a philly car share, and we ventured out in the rain in search of treasures to transform into madebyhank creations.

i found handful of belts, some vintage fabrics and linens, some old leather (to possibly use for future wristlets?), a few dresses (not shown), and a visible woman (for $1.90!), and a few other little randoms. i was particularly excited to stumble upon some new vintage cloth napkins, to add to my growing collection.

visible woman!


oh, hello friend. said...

i love love love thrifting!

such beautiful finds. can't wait to see what lovely bags you will make with those belts + fabric!


missandyd said...

I love your pictures and purses! I wanted to link to your blog from my blog...would you be ok with that??

Seven Ply said...

yay for thrift stores! i know some sweet thrift shops down here in good old south jersey. fun times. can't wait to see some new clutches!?

Chelsea said...

what wonderful finds! i'm curious to see what creations will become of these treasures you found!

Penny said...

Hooray for excellent op shop finds!!!

Katherine said...

the visible woman!!!! growing up my neighbor's parents had one of those in the basement and we would sneak down and play with it, the whole time feeling super naughty!
great finds--and good job on hiring a helper. it's hard to admit we need it sometimes, but good help is necessary!

Jeanne Oliver said...

Glad you found some help and you were able to pass off some work...hard to do sometimes.

knack said...

awesome finds.......and so glad you are getting some help.......I don't know how your little hands have kept up so far.....:)

Best of luck! xo

Bette's Bags said...

Thrifting...the only way to shop!

Connie said...

in that first picture you have a print from a philadelphia artist right? what is there name?... i found them once and i can't find them again.