Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i think maybe this is my first post i have written while feeling very, very annoyed.

very annoyed indeed.

why would you put a melon helmet on a cat? and why would you place not one, not two, but SIX totally bogus giant orders from my etsy shop? if you are the person(s) behind this, and you are reading this, all i have to say is that i really hope that kharma gets you for real.

i have been sewing my little hank butt off trying to keep up with orders, and i even closed the shop for a few days to try and recover and have a little time to relax. i questioned these orders from the time they were placed, but am now certain they are totally bogus. it is not all that uncommon for someone to purchase items from my shop for the first time through an account that was set up that same day. often folks discover my shop through blogland or internetworld, and do not yet have an etsy account, which you are required to set up before purchasing from my shop.

but seriously, people. the orders total over sixteen hundred dollars and about 40 items. i am currently figuring out how to get my shop back in order and avoid this problem in the future, with the help of the etsy team.

i know i should not write about this, but this blog can't be all handbags and sunshine all of the time, because sometimes life isn't all handbags and sunshine.

if you are reading this and are one of the folks who placed the bogus orders, please be a bit more adult and contact me directly at and we can talk about whatever the problem you have is in a more direct and helpful way.


that is the only four-letter word i will type, though i am thinking quite a few others.

has anyone else ever had this problem?

i should have the shop open again later tonight, and will have new items and shoulder bags ready and listed sometime friday.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry that happened, Katie. I don't even see the point in it; it's just stupid. I think Etsy really needs to figure out a way to only let people commit to buy an item only if they pay first. I know eBay and Amazon have a system like that. Etsy needs to work on one to avoid BS like that.

On a lighter note, it's good to see you're opening your shop earlier than stated :) and adding new stuff soon. So exciting! I can't wait!!!

Stacey @ Riedmiller's Room said...

how awful :(

i hope that doesn't happen again in the future... what would even make someone WANT to do that?

Unknown said...

I join you in being very very annoyed indeed. ESPECIALLY since I've been trying to purchase a bag and keep "missing" as they sell out in a nano second. Grrrrr.....

Mary Ann

Kim said...

I am so sorry this happened to you. :( I am always interested to see what people are selling and usually get to your shop too late to see items IN the shop. When I looked in the sold section I did notice that someone had bought 6 of this and 4 of that, etc. Perhaps a jealous "competitor"? Whatever the totally sucks.

I know it has to be a huge pain/inconvenience/bummer for you...but on the plus side of things I am sure the relisted items will not be in your shop for long.

Best wishes,

Mandi said...

yuck! im sorry :( people can be dumb.

Annie Pazoo said...

Holy, moly. That is indeed worthy of MANY four-letter words. And I agree with Mary!

Andrea said...

Hey, I think you may have joined the "celebrity" rank. People who are rotten, nasty, JEALOUS sob's do these things everyday to celebs. I hope it didn't affect your motivation to much. There are people out there who really would love to place Huge orders but, alas, I...A-Hem...they, are too poor! ;)
I hope you are feeling better and those who did it are 'randomly' bitten by rabid dogs.

Alli said...

I'm sorry that happened to you! It's ridiculous to take up someone's precious time with a bogus order like that.

I gave my mom her purse and she absolutely loved it, so I wanted to pass that on to you!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful work,

The Oak Leaves said...

Oh man, Ive been in a similar situation before... however my items, while they take a long time to make, don't add up to quite so high a loss!

At the time i didn't really know what to do. I left a really bad feedback and tried to forget about it.

i wish you much smoother sailing in the future!

City Chic Country Mouse said...

Terrible, I'm a believer in what goes around comes around, so they better watch it! On a lighter note, that kitty cat is SO adorable!

lori vliegen said...

i'm sorry that you've had etsy issues....on a repeat basis! at least your annoyance got etsy's attention and they will hopefully do something creative to resolve such a dumb hoax! keep on keepin' on....and i totally agree....what goes around comes around! :)

wzgirl said...

Man. That sucks. Sorry, Katie. I remember something similar happening to Dennis Anderson (another etsy seller) last year sometime. Maybe contact him for thoughts/support? Either way, here's hoping for a very successful and legit shop update soon! xo

Jayme said...

Wow. Unbelievable. I'm so sorry this happened to you, Katie. Of all the sellers on Etsy - it seems so unfair that one of the sweetest and hardest working would be targeted like this. I've never heard of this type of thing happening before on such a large scale. Hopefully it was just one random asshole (who will never be able to do business on Etsy again after you leave them feedback)... I second the "jealous competitor" theory.

Anyhow, don't let it get you down. The items you made will undoubtedly sell to real buyers as soon as you relist them... you can count on me for a purchase.

valerie said...

oh. my. god. i'm sorry, katie. that's horrible. a friend of mine has a vintage shop on etsy and has this problem (on a smaller scale) ALL THE TIME. i thought maybe it was just vintage shoppers who flaked, but man. this takes it to a whole new level of suckage.

Penny said...

Yikes. That's so crappy. And I'm going with Andrea's theory that you're now a sewing celebrity. Good luck getting it all straightened out!

lillyella said...

Oh man, how bogus. I have had similar problems but not to such a huge scale. I do know of another seller whose entire shop was bought out by one person overnight, over 100 items, totally emptied it out. And the others are right, it's people who are jealous, and you are right in thinking that karma will bite them in the ass, and right to post about it.
by the way, ive seen that darn kitty photo in the past but oh man was it so nice to see it again!!

Anonymous said...


i'd be happy to kick some ass for you. i'm much tougher than i look... and... well, the melon on the cat... that's just not right. just not right... ugh!
i'll buy you the best whiskey drink ever... i will!

i hope etsy is helping you out... and it's working out, in the end...

Maria said...

That is terrible! I am going to be totally selfish here and let you know that I actively stalk your store for cool new bags and do not need someone like this ruining my shot at getting one!

Seriously though, I love your shop and am CERTAIN you can sell these bags just as quickly as the others!!

EliseBlaha said...

oh no!!
i am glad you shared this.
i am so sorry to hear it though.
at least there will be more for us to buy?

JONATHAN said...

Katie - while I feel for you in this sucky time when a large order is suddenly without the backer, I don't feel that bad! Every day I go to your shop to see if by chance I stumbled upon a day when your goods are in stock AND IT IS ALWAYS EMPTY. Your stuff sells faster that you can stock it, at least in my opinion.

To me this is great news! This means that you have a TON of stuff to sell and you have such a rabid fan base that it won't last long.

I don't know, am I reading this wrong? It seems you are too hot in the Etsy world for this to affect you. Again, at least to me.

I am sorry you got screwed but I look forward to the shop opening and finally, F I N A L L Y, getting my hands on a bag for my wife for her birthday at the end of the month.

Heather said...

ew! what jerks!
do you have any emails from this loser? you may be able track an IP address and get some clues as to who this person is.

Michelle Kendrick Hartney said...

I am so sorry this happened to you Katie. It has happened to me too, and it makes me loose faith in humanity!!! The person who did this to me, the next day DID IT AGAIN using a different etsy id. People can be awful.
They will get whats coming to them.

Handpicked said...

I always cringe when I see it is a new user, and usually end up with a bogus sale. Definitely they are out to do just that. I think ETSY is much faster now to reimburse fee's than they use to be...a small step.
I am sure you will have no problem selling off the stock.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

That sucks! What a bad apple they are!

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

I had a "scam" order placed on my most expensive quilt in my etsy shop and within a day etsy ran a storque article about scams...true to the article my quilt was $230 and I received MANY convo's from this new etsy buyer, but never answering my question as to shipping address. He/she wanted my phone number and I replied that I run my business on line. Within a couple of days I had a "boggus" $2,530 cashiers check sent to me. Needless to say it is disheartening when rude, thoughtless people mess with your shop. After several convo's back and forth, the buyers shop is closed. I wonder if etsy closed it or the boggus buyer closed it???
Sorry to hear that you had a bit of a mess too.

Lauren Haupt Estes said...

I'm sorry this happened. what an annoying process to go through.
I can't even imagine what it must feel like.
I'd be so excited, then really sad, then really pissed off, then I'd probably cry for a minute and hate the world until I witnessed someone do something genuinely nice for another person.
I hope you have had that last experience.

Kate said...

wow, that is so awful! I didn't even know things like this happened! I wish etsy would implement something where you had to pay before completing the transaction, I hate people who don't pay right away and you have to send them an awkward email.

M said...

I'm so sorry. i did not even know it was possible to place bogus orders on Etsy. The only thing I have heard of before was people buying dresses from a seller whose shop and blog suddenly closed down and they never got the items they paid for.