Wednesday, July 8, 2009

all is well that ends well

thank you everyone for being completely wonderful and for having my back on the silliness of the mystery shopper. i feel very lucky to be a part of such a nice little online community.

the mystery has been solved! it turns out someone accidentally left themselves logged in at the library and a bored teenager decided to have some fun. which is just silly. i have to admit, i was going through my list of folks who are not so fond of me, and wondering if any of them were un-fond enough of me to spend the time to set up five separate accounts, etc. luckily, that was not the case, so my mind is at ease.

a bored teenager, while a bit irritating, is not so disheartening as someone making a personal attack against me. i certainly used to spend hours at my grandparents' house going through those giant jc penny catalogues with my sister when i was a kid, writing up fake orders and creating imaginary grown up lives for ourselves. i suppose online shopping carts are the new jc penny catalogues, and it doesn't occur to the young folks that i am an actual person.

the sales can be cancelled through etsy, the fees refunded, and my sales count will go back to normal. that's the other thing-- i was feeling a bit dishonest, having drawn attention to my sales count when it hit 1500 recently, and it went up quite a bit more the past few days because of the false sales.

but all will be right in just a few days.

i decided to have dinner with a friend tonight, so i did not have the chance to set up the new listings in my shop. so please check back either very late this evening (i over did it a little on the caffeine today), or early tomorrow morning. and just as a heads-up, the shop will be open, but new shoulder bags will not be ready and listed until late tomorrow or friday. i just wanted to keep you posted.


kristina said...

Katie, I am so relieved to hear the mystery was solved! I felt so annoyed that someone would do something so stupid (and the melon on the head of that poor cat--puh-leez). So glad to hear that all's well that ends well. (And am thinking, we really have to do better by our teenagers---ok, that's a rant that I won't go further with!)

And if you don't have 1500 sales after everything's all straightened out, I know you will before not too long.

Many regards from Kristina in NJ

City Chic Country Mouse said...

I'm glad to hear things worked out and it wasn't someone who was intentionally trying to be a meanie. I remember when I was an annoying teenager...still I never did anything like that. Hopefully they will grow up and be a productive member of society someday :) Hope you enjoyed your night!

Rachel said...

It appears Ms. Houseman has a high tolerance' or she just likes lots of affection and treats for her lovely posing :)

Dana said...

I'm really glad that everything got sorted out.

Also- is that your puppy? I have a pug, and if I didn't love your designs enough already, I would definitely say that this picture makes me love the madebyhank brand even more.

joyce said...


Thanks for the heads up on your shop status. I will echo all of the other comments on here in saying that you will have no problem in getting your lovely items sold. :)

Hopefully I will be able to finally get one of your amazing purses soon!

Best wishes,


Uglypants by day, Housewife by night said...

Hi Katie,

Sorry to hear what happened. I felt terrible for you. And am glad this has been resolved. Judging from you sales & lovely designs, I'm sure you will hit 1500 & more very very soon! In Chinese we say "Jia You" which litterally means "Add Fuel", translate to "Keep going girl! You can do it!"


Annie Pazoo said...

This is a relief, indeed! Both, that you were not targeted, and that you and the Etsy sleuths were able to track the trail and figure it out! Instead of JCP, it was the Sears Wishbook for me...hours and hours spent with imagining what I'd get with my imaginary budgets...

Anonymous said...

Goodness, just read all this! I'm so sorry this all happened to you!

I'm glad you've gotten it all straightened out and I wish you more huge success with your shop!


Unknown said...

frustrating either way considering you put in all that time to make the orders. Oh well, i'm so glad it is all sorted!

perhaps it'll give you a day to rest a bit?

Jessica said...

Oh MAN! How crazy is that?!? I'm glad you got everything settled.

Oh... and my pug Blueberry wanted me to let you know that she thinks your pug is cute :)

Anonymous said...