Monday, July 6, 2009

a small game of catch-up

new roundy-bottomed zipper purses in the shop today

just a quick note to let everyone know that my shop will be closed until thursday (july 9th), while i catch up on existing orders and finish up and photograph some new items.

you can sign up to be notified when i re-open, by going to my shop page.

thank you for your patience!


Andrea said...

I love your work. The 'thread paintings' as well as your purses!
I've noticed your photos are back to the wide angle, with interesting DOF. Are you using a tripod to get your shots? They are fabulous!

Tom Boutell said...

Keep up the good work, Bartholomew Cubbins!

Penny said...

Wow. That is SO MUCH SEWING in your hands! Yikes. Now I feel I must go and sew and stop procrastinating online!

Rachel said...

Don't let yourself too caught up with work! Make sure you get some time to yourself, which hopefully will include getting outside for bicycle rides and walks with Frances!

NAOMI said...

Hi, Katie-Hank! Just wanted to tell you how much I admire your work! Your designs are so cute and sewing looks perfect!!! And I love all the photos you take of your workplace and your purses, everything looks sooo neat ;) I'm impressed!!! Have a great day,