Thursday, October 9, 2008


i was included in one of the front page treasuries on etsy yesterday! thank you karen for letting me know, and for sending the screen shot. just wanted to share my excitement.

that's my winifred lou clucth, right in the middle of the top row.

and here she is by herself, so you could have a better look at her.

oh, and ps- i also made a new kind of pocket. well, not really a new kind of pocket, but in a new kind of place.

i made one for this bag (which was made especially for carly)

and one for this one (which is currently available in my etsy shop.

i think i might call them "granola bar pockets." they are also excellent for lip balm and subway tokens and cell phones and things.


Kasey Spain said...

you have GOT TO STOP making such cute bags KATIE! you're killing me! i feel like i need them all! seriously. the granola bar pocket is adorable. that name is perfect. i love the new satchel you did. its great. oh and im thinking about buying up that new green bag with the front pockets for a friend. or the winifred clutch. i love it. gosh! im dying! i really think i have a problem.

lissilulu said...

very nice!
I love pockets on the sides of things...all kinds of goodies can fit in there.
I got my change is soooo cute and I will blog it soon (life is on overkill right now).
thanks again!!!

midwest 12 days said...

i just discovered your blog and great bags via the blog, the constant gatherer. i am quietly hoarding your bags in my etsy cart and when i find the one that is "me", i am buying immediately as i see things are flying off the shelf. congrats on your success.