Wednesday, October 29, 2008

we won!

just a little bit ago, the phillies won the world series! i am embarrassed to admit that i did not actually watch any of the games. we do not have television (well, we have a television, but it only serves the purpose of dvd watching), and i was not up for tackling the masses at any of the local bars. i did at least listen to the second game on the radio with manny while i answered emails.

i don't really care much for baseball, but i did play for a bit when i was a wee one (i also played some softball and our team was called the cedarville blacksheep!). and i spent a lot of time at my grandparents' house and they were devout phillies fans, so the sound of harry kalas' voice will forever make me smile.

so anyway, they won ! ! !

and i have heard the proof for the last hour or so... horns honking (i mean honking!) and fireworks and yelling and hooting and did i mention honking? and i live in fishtown, which is pretty far from the heart of the partying.

so here i sit, writing my first blog post in way too long. taking a break from cutting and sewing and ironing. i have a big shop update in the works. i just need to photograph some of the new stuff, and the weather has not been very cooperative (we take pictures outside mostly, because we don't get much natural light inside). if it is still super windy and too cold for bare fingers tomorrow, we are just going to have to set up some lights (buh).

in conclusion...

YAY! phillies! philadelphia is good!

and also...

new bags soon i promise

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Kasey Spain said...

I cant wait to see what youve done!