Tuesday, May 12, 2009

perhaps it was magic

i probably should not type this, but i think the internet has been magically restored in my home! hopefully i am not jinxing myself.

thank you to everyone whose purchases earlier today led to a stocked-then-empty shop in the time it took me to finish my iced tea.

i just snuck a few more bags into the shop, if you want to take a look.

and by technical, i mean technical

i just wanted to say a quick hello and offer a quick apology. our internet is down and i have been trying to do as much as i can from the coffee shop, but would like to ask for a bit of extra patience while i find the internet access and time to respond to each of your requests and inquiries. hopefully the internet will be back to normal tomorrow or perhaps even be magically restored by the time i get home!

in the meantime, please enjoy these photos of the pets, frances houseman and vinegar vincent price. frances and i have been taking care of vinegar while his person (my housemate) is in guatemala. they seriously love each other and have been snuggling and playing and melting my heart.

the pets

frances and vinegar

frances and vinegar

frances with plush guinea pig

dreamy frances


Sunday, May 3, 2009

a sunday well spent

kaitlin and i went to see zoe strauss's photographs displayed under I-95 earlier today. this is year nine of this ten-year project, and i am ashamed to admit that this is the first year i have made it out to see it. there were 231 photographs on display. it was pretty incredible.

because it was raining and because there was a movie theater just a few blocks away and because i sort of love beyonce, we went to see obsessed afterward. it was pretty entertaining. the fight scene between her and ali larter is pretty badass.

all in all, a sunday well spent.