Thursday, April 28, 2011

▲▲▲ N E W ▲▲▲

as promised, tough ruffles zipper purses in four new shades. available in limited quantities in my etsy shop. hope you like 'em!

C O M I N G S O O O O O N ! ! !

i have lots of new zipper purses in the works as well. unfortunately it started pouring rain out of nowhere while i was trying to photograph them, so they will not be in the shop just yet. i have been super busy, sewing like a[n even] crazy[er] person the past few weeks, to keep up with etsy orders while also working up a small mountain of bags on the side. i will be selling my goods at art star craft bazaar here in philly this year. i am excited, but also super nervous, since i have only done a small handful of in-person events. and the last one was renegade in chicago a few years back, and that was an outdoor event on the weekend there was the most rain in reported chicago history- ha! i will be sharing the space with tim gough + hope that some of you can stop by and say hello! more details on that soon!

▲▲▲ N E W ▲▲▲

because a few of you missed out on the first batch of avocado tough ruffles shoulder bags (+ because i LOVE this color!), i decided to make a few more. these are a bit bigger + the ruffles are a bit greener + i hope you like them! available in my etsy shop.

Friday, April 22, 2011

▲▲▲ N E W ▲▲▲

two new bags. a big ol' tote in black+white stripes with a diagonal slice of brown at the bottom. i added little leather details to the tops of the straps, so they are extra handsome and they stay put on your shoulder. also, a teeny little purse just in time for spring +summer, with an extra long strap that can be tied to your favorite length, and just enough room for the essentials. look for them both in the shop tomorrow (saturday) morning.
*oh, and my bracelet is from the dullDiamond shop. love their stuff!

Friday, April 15, 2011

they're here!

photographing new tough ruffles shoulder bags
the new bags are officially in the shop: sea glass, bright celery, peacock blue, and dark denim with graphite. the first one of each color is ready to ship. after that i have two more of each color that will be listed as PRE-ORDER, as i am waiting on a shipment of hardware to arrive. the pre-order bags will ship on or before next friday, april 22nd. the listings will be labeled as such. thanks for looking! xo, hank.

b l u e s + g r e e n s ! ! !

just finished a new batch of large tough ruffles shoulder bags, in four new shades of blues + greens. look for them in the shop tonight! enjoy your weekends, pals. xo, hank.

Monday, April 11, 2011

funday monday

i was able to make four of these pebble grey large tough ruffles shoulder bags, now available in my etsy shop.

i woke up extra early this morning and finished these photos, packed up the orders from the weekend, and even straightened up my studio a bit. i turn thirty tomorrow, and even though i keep saying it over and over, it still seems weird that i have been around for thirty years. not that i think thirty is old or anything, it still just seems weird that is how many years old i am. so i am going to take advantage of this amazing fake summer weather we have in philadelphia today and give myself a well-deserved day off. i am going to do some things i rarely make time for-- use the word 'lunch' as a verb, do some relaxing, pedicure-ing, and shopping with my bestie. i don't usually get too into my own birthday, but this is a big one and the sun is shining so i figure i deserve a funday monday. xo, hank.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

sunshine and handbags

the sun decided to shine today (!), so i took full advantage and snapped some photos of a few of the bags i have been working on. there are two one of a kind tough ruffles shoulder bags in shades of warm beige with vintage floral canvas backs (+ adjustable repurposed leather belt straps!), as well as the [new] tatum purse. available in the madebyhank etsy shop.
hope everyone has a fun and sunny weekend. xo, hank.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the scout purse in sea mist + navy

now available in my etsy shop.


the scout purse in sea mist + navy blue. i was only able to make four of these, and they are available here.

Friday, April 1, 2011


these are the other two new shades of tough ruffles zipper purses that i was no able to photograph yesterday. i tried my best to snap photos at strategic moments in order to dodge these darn raindrops, but had to wait until today to shoot these two. so, here they are, for those of you who prefer the darker hues! in midnight blue+deep navy and graphite+pewter. and don't forget to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING until tonight at midnight EST. enter code SUNSHINE at checkout (valid for both international + domestic orders!)

and thank you all so much for all of the orders last night/this morning. i was not expecting such an immediate response to the new shades, and am so grateful that you all like them! hope everyone has the best weekend! xo, hank