Tuesday, December 29, 2009

beginnings and endings and all the stuff in between

i just added a new set of zipper purses to the madebyhank shop, in new and bright colors.

had such high hopes and goals for an organized and incredibly productive past few months, and especially the past few weeks. unfortunately, being human, life tends to get in the way sometimes, and the days pass and suddenly it is almost january.

i was sick on and off for the past few weeks. the worst possible timing, and perhaps a sign that i need to take it a little easier on myself.

and then there was the snow storm-- 23 inches here in philadelphia! oh, my.

i also had to finish up a few gifts for friends and gifts for friends' friends. i have not spent nearly enough time making things for the people i know this year. and i cannot remember the last time i made a bag for myself. it has been over a year, if not two. and if i were being perfectly honest, i have not made myself a bag since i first started making them. the most recent madebyhank bag that became mine was not made with myself in mind, was a mud-covered casualty of the sadness of the epic and torrential downpours of the chicago renegade craft fair last year. so in the coming weeks, i plan to not only add, but also cross 'make hank a madebyhank' off my ever-growing to-do list.

2009 was a bit rocky to say the least, but i feel that both katie henry the person and madebyhank the business have grown up quite a bit (and i think i am at a little proud of us both). i still have a lot of figuring out to do, of course, and i am hopeful that this coming year will bring great things. which is not to say that great things did not happen this year-- because great things certainly did happen this year!

i am taking some time to re-organize and re-think a few things, but am also sewing up a storm, and new shop updates are coming soon. i want to update a few of the existing styles, add some totally new designs, along with a few new and different small collections of the bigger bags.

my sewing room is a complete tornado, which is another project i am trying to tackle.

i just want to continue to make new and exciting things and keep myself and all of you as happy as possible.

thank you so much, each of you.

i know that thanking all of you through a blog post is not the most personal touch, but i assure you that the gratitude i feel for each of you comes from a very sincere place indeed.

and as soon as i catch up a bit more, i will post about the upcoming giveaways i am working on. i have a few tricks up my sleeve for 2010 indeed.


Friday, December 11, 2009

oh, my!

oh, my! those went fast. thank you everyone. i will have more ready on monday, and will keep you posted about details on those. have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

shoulder bag shop update and events to come

there will be a new set of tough ruffles shoulder bags in shades of greens and blues in the shop at 4pm EST this afternoon. i will try to post preview photos on my flickr page ahead of time so that so you can have a look before they are officially available.

if you live in philadelphia or will be here this evening, you should stop by trinity framing for The Other Woman: Unwrapped! there will be a party there to celebrate from 6 to 9pm. the other woman is an art collective of fantastic ladies who make amazing things. you can read more about them here.

Friday, December 11th, 6:00-9:00pm

The Other Woman: Unwrapped!
Trinity Framing
701 South 3rd Street (corner of 3rd & bainbridge)

after that, head over to b2 to see the opening reception for new work by sienna freeman

sienna freeman: equinophobia
at b2 (corner of passyunk & dickinson)

tonight! 6-8 pm

and tomorrow evening, be sure to stop by the ugly american to see what melissa farley and kathryn moran have been up to.

croque madame at the ugly american
1100 s. front street
saturday december 12th
9-11 pm

i am looking forward to seeing some friends i have not spent time with in far too long. i have not been very good at hanging out or leaving the house lately, as i have been content to hibernate a bit. i have also been super busy sewing up a storm to try and keep up with etsy, and also prepare for a holiday sale that will take part in next weekend. i had some sewing machine issues and had to purchase a temporary replacement to get me through the next few weeks until i have the time and brain space to research a more long term investment. if only a quick trip to target could replace a broken heart as easily as a broken sewing machine.

if you would like to see some madebyhank creations in person, i will have a table at a local holiday sale next sunday, december 20th. i will post more details about what i will have available soon.

you can view all the details and a larger version of the flyer here

i wish i had the time to hop on a train and head to brooklyn on saturday for lena's holiday sale. i would love to see all of those lovely ladies' creations in person, and jenny's preview photos are making me wish now more than ever that there were just a few more hours in the day so i could stop by the sale. maybe i will skip the whole sleeping thing tonight and get everything done and have magic energy and decide that i will head over to brooklyn to check it out. who knows.

just added a few new zipper purses and snap clutches to the shop. tomorrow i will have a small batch of shoulder bags in shades of greens blues. i will announce a more specific time once i have the photos together.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

spit and wishes

i just wanted to say a quick hello and tell you all that you should take a minute to check out my friend adriane dalton's new etsy shop. she is just getting started, but has some necklaces and earrings made from vintage flocked wallpaper. she cuts each piece by hand and somehow magically and seamlessly links them together to form these beautiful chains and attaches them to oxidized sterling silver.

please take a moment to take a look and see if one might make the perfect holiday gift for yourself or someone you like.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

just added some of the new zipper purses to the shop.

hope you find one you like!