Wednesday, August 26, 2009

small trip to the big apple

stubs and pennies

my friend laura and i decided to take a short trip to new york city last weekend. another friend had told us about an exhibition of quilts she had seen recently, and we thought it was as good an excuse as any to venture to a different city for a bit.

we never actually made it to see the quilts, but had other unplanned adventured instead. our first stop was the bronx zoo, which was a little sad, but there were lots of trees and we had a whole lot of fun. and i found a sweet monkey mask in one of the gift shops and decided to take it home with me for the bargain price of $4.50.

magic zebra



we stayed at the, which was, of course, beautiful and full of interesting details. after we each found a pair of dream jeans (thanks jenny!) and filled our bellies full of delicious dinner, we were exhausted. we headed back to the hotel and had some fun with the lobby photobooth and sipped some boubon at the bar before calling it a night.

hank and laura photobooth

sunday morning we ventured to coney island, where we enjoyed people watching, a ferris wheel ride, bumper cars, skeeball, and a circus sideshow. we weren't allowed to take any photos or videos, but i snuck a super quick video of holly holiday. laura and i both loved her. she did lots of tricks with flaming batons, and some pretty incredible sword swallowing as well. there was also the lizard man (who has a split tongue and wound a giant corkscrew into his nostril and through his cheek) and the human blockhead (he did the ole nail-driven-into his nose trick, and then took it one steep further by doing the same trick with an electric drill).

horsie ride

sweet signage

Friday, August 14, 2009

oh, and

one more thing.

i will be visiting new york city this weekend, so al orders placed from today (friday) until monday (august 17th) will ship out first thing tuesday (august 18th) morning. i am offering free shipping anywhere in the US through the weekend, and five dollar priority shipping everywhere else.

have a good weekend everyone!

a few new touches to the clutches

i finished up a few new snap clutches, and am setting up the listings in my shop right now, so those should be ready and officially available in the next hour or so.

i changed them just a bit. the bases are a just a wee bit more square-ish, and the flaps a bit more rounded. i also added darts at the bottom of the front and back, to give them a little more space inside, and also allow them to have a little more of a base. and the best new addition is that i added a pocket under the flap. so now the magnetic snap attaches to that pocket, which closes said pocket and the bag all at once!

hope you like them!

there are also two new shades of roundy-bottomed zipper purses.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

a few grey totes

hey there. just wanted to let you all know that i just listed a few grey totes. four of each of two different styles. hope you like them!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

handful and hands full

hello there.

i am swimming in a sea of fabric and thread, and have my hands full with some extra projects this week (more about that later), but wanted to say a quick hello and also let you know that i am about to add a handful of ruffles shoulder bags in greys to my shop . there will be one small, one medium, two large, and two oversized. the listings should be ready in the next twenty minutes or so.