Sunday, June 27, 2010

the frances tote

charles and frances totes

the frances tote

the frances tote

the charles tote

the charles tote

the charles tote

the rebecca messenger

front detail

back detail

i was able to make two of these, with flaps made from the last of a fine wale corduroy repurposed from a skirt i happened upon a while back.

shop update

i have been sewing like a crazy person the past few weeks, and loving every minute of it. i was able to pack up all of the orders from friday and saturday's shop updates and ship them saturday afternoon, so those of you who ordered from those batches can expect a package very soon!

i will be adding more bags to the shop tonight (sunday at 7pm EST) and tomorrow morning (monday at 7pm EST). there will be two of the rebecca messengers, as well as some new totes. i will post sneak peek photos of the totes this afternoon.

Friday, June 25, 2010

shop update!

tough ruffles details

sneak peeks

a few sneak peek photos of some new tough ruffles bags. there are four different types of bags, and i made four of each of those (16 bags total). eight of them will be small-medium sized, and the other eight large sized. all are the tough ruffles style, with adjustable canvas straps. these straps add quite a bit of options as far as length, so that you can adjust it to your ideal length. also allows the options of wearing the bag on the shoulder or across the body, messenger style.

i will add half of the bags this evening (friday june 25th) at 9pm EST, and the other half tomorrow morning (saturday june 26th) at 9am EST.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

sneak peeks part two





the scout purse

just a few more shots of the bags that will be in tomorrow's update.

sneak peeks

a preview of what will be available in monday's shop update. the penelope purse, the annabelle messenger, and the james tote.

the penelope purse

the annabelle messenger

the james tote.

Friday, June 18, 2010

shop update this monday

shop update this monday

hope everyone is enjoying their summer days. it is so hot in philadelphia today that it kind of makes me feel like my skin is melting when i am outside. which is fine, because inside is where i have been spending my time lately, hard at work finishing up a new set of bags for a shop update this monday, june 21st. i will do the update in two parts again, and list half of the bags in the morning, and half in the evening, to make things as convenient as possible for folks both near and far.

i will post sneak peeks and more details over the weekend, as i am able to get everything photographed.

enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a shoulder bag named melissa

a few weeks back, my friend melissa came over for a visit and to pick out some fabrics for a bag that i would make for her. i finally finished it up this weekend, and was so excited to give it to her that i forgot to snap a few quick photos first. but i was really happy with the how her bag turned out, so i decided to make a few in similar fabrics for the shop. they will be officially available at 8pm EST this evening.

Monday, June 7, 2010

shop update

hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. we have had a serious heat wave in philadelphia lately, and yesterday there was finally a breeze and things cooled down a bit. sitting in my backyard watching the sun come up this morning, i even needed a sweater!

just added two new bags to the shop. they are small sized tough ruffles bags with adjustable straps that can be worn either cross-body style, or resting on the shoulder. the adjustable hardware give them quite a bit of length options, between 32" and 58". there are four in turquoise with aqua and four in two shades of grey.

i am trying to mix things up a bit with they way i do shop updates, sometimes with a day or two notice, sometimes as a surprise, to make things fair for as many people as possible.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

today's date

just wanted to make a quick edit about the shop update announcement. it is in fact tonight, but tonight is JUNE 1st, not may 1st, as i mistakenly announced earlier. thanks, diana, for bringing it to my attention!

two more

also look for these two tough ruffles shoulder bags in the shop update tonight (june 1st, 8pm EST). one is the madebyhank large size, in two shades of lavender, and the other is the extra large size in deep blue with blue-grey ruffles.
shop update tonight (june 1st, 8pm EST)

look for these eight new totes in assorted vintage fabrics in the shop tonight (tuesday june 1st). they will be officially available at 8pm EST.

new totes in the shop tonight

i made a batch of totes in eight different prints. perfect for summertime walks through the park and trips to the library.