Monday, June 29, 2009

floating on clouds

psst... my little shop hit fifteen hundred (and one) sales this weekend!

thank you thank you everyone who has helped me get to this point. i keep trying to imagine what it would look like if all fifteen hundred of those little creations of mine were all stacked up together in the same room at the same time. and then i get a little bit of a butterfly in tummy. i just cannot get over how lucky i feel to be where i am right now.

i promise to stitch something up for a giveaway very soon to celebrate. speaking of giveaways, i sure did snooze on that last one promised back in march. which means this one will, perhaps, be a double giveaway. it also means that i made five hundred more sales since march. holy s-h-i-t part two, everybody.

my weekend was filled with so much cutting, sewing, tag-making, packaging, and email-answering. i have to say that i am a little proud of myself for accomplishing what i did in the past four days.

i would also like to take a moment to thank streaming netflix for providing so many background movies while i worked. and also thank you to my little bungee cord, who helps me carry 12 priority mail boxes and thirty-two good sized envelopes all balanced on my little bicycle basket. that's right folks. your madebyhank packages get to the post office the old fashioned way, which earns me many a sideways glance as i pedal past my fellow city dwellers, but it also kind of makes me feel like a superhero. it's the little things.

i just added a few more small items to my shop, and will have more shoulder bags ready toward the end of the week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

TCB thursday, dudes.

(not pictured- stacks and stacks of fabrics, linings, and felt, all cut and ready to be sewn, sewn, sewn, and one katie henry badly in need of a haircut)

if you happened to visit my shop yesterday or today, you may have noticed the announcement. i know it is easy to overlook that part of a seller's etsy page, but right now mine is there to let you know that all of the items currently listed in the shop will be ready to ship on monday june 29th. and also, i am offering free shipping (!) in the U.S. and five dollar priority shipping for international orders. this offer lasts until sunday june 28th, 11 p.m. eastern standard time.

the reason that everything listed in my shop will not be ready until monday is because i still need to finish sewing some of the items! a huge chunk of that work will be done today. i have been trying to sew in serious batches to keep up, and i never thought i would love doing things this way, but i totally do. and it allows me to get things done just a bit faster, which means keeping my shop a bit better stocked.

so i will sew, sew, sew, and frances will snooze the day away as usual, and ira glass will keep us both company.

Monday, June 22, 2009

internet, schminternet

ok, so our internet decided to be super slow suddenly and so i was able to finish the listings for the shoulder bags and few roundy-bottoms, but will likely not be bale to add the snap clutches and zipper clutch a go-go's until tomorrow morning, so look for these and a few others in the morning.

i am off to a delicious dinner at my very favorite restaurant.

shop update!

i am currently working on finishing up some new listings for my shop, and should have them all ready and live in the next hour or so, if you want to take a look to see if anything catches your eye.

there will be a new batch of shoulder bags

as well as a few zipper clutch a-go-go's, some snap clutches, and a batch of roundy-bottomed zipper purses.
hope you find something you like!

Friday, June 19, 2009

where the roller coaters are

i have been wanting so badly lately to go where the roller coasters are. but settled instead for sewing a few last roller coaster clutches.

i thought i had used the very last of this especially great roller coaster fabric, but in searching through my remnants this afternoon, i found just enough to make two last zip clutch a-go-go's. i just listed them in my shop, if you would like to take a look.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

black and white and cute all over

i love this shirt that meredith made. so simple and pretty, like its maker. i wish i had the patience for patterns or any concept of the human form that would allow me to make clothing.

i wish i could write a little song for meredith.

what a wonderful little lady she is. she takes beautiful photographs, she sells scooters, she sews, she bakes delicious treats!

meredith and steven were our hosts when we went to chicago last fall, and that is when i first fell a little bit in love with her. her adorable little apartment with the wooden floors and little vignettes of vintage curiosities. her sweet smile and darling haircuts and overall charm.

she recently started a blog and also has an etsy shop.

found via olivettistudio

Friday, June 12, 2009

delightful humans

i wanted to just say a few words about milly. she makes such beautiful ceramic objects, and is just a generally delightful human. i made a whirlwind visit to the art star craft bazaar, and was so so happy when i saw these little earrings she started making. they are so delicate and beautiful. they are ceramic, but are made from fabric flowers, and no two are exactly alike.

she just opened an etsy shop, and also has a little space set up in the mew gallery. so if you are in philadelphia, stop by mew and check out her wonderful little oddities, and if you are not in philadelphia, take a look at her etsy shop.

i also scored this handmade t shirt with antique lace appliques from feast. i am not sure exactly what the fabric is, but it is a little bit magical. seriously, it just feels completely wonderful.

oh, and speaking of delightful humans, you could have an especially fantastic trip to the mew gallery later this month, when new work by darla jackson will be on display. the show is called a miniature ocean and the opening reception is on saturday, june 27th. read more about the show here and more about darla here or here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

this just in

greyish blues and blueish greys and greyish greys today.

i just added a new batch of shoulder bags to my shop. take a look please, if you would like to.

oh, and a few more snap clutches as well.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

been so long

hey, hey!

sheesh! it has been far too long since my last post. this is not to say i have been unproductive. quite the opposite, actually. i have been stitching and stitching and re-organizing and re-thinking on the madebyhank part of life. i finished up some special bags for friends that should have been finished so many months ago. and in the katie part of life, i have been celebrating birthdays and making new friends and finding new adventures and rediscovering my love for baking.

i have also been shy about posting because i have some sad news to share. it is with a heavy heart that i must tell you that i will not be attending the renegade craft fair in brooklyn this weekend.

there are one hundred reasons why, but mainly because, sadly, i am not a superhero. i am just a katie, and i know that i need to catch up and keep my shop stocked and i know that both of those things will not happen for quite some time, and for even more time if i went to renegade. i also need to take care of myself, and these frustratingly delicate arms of mine. i need to keep my body healthy and myself happy and i want my love of sewing to continue to grow.

and so i will stay in philadelphia, and i know many of you will be very disappointed in me, myself included. but! on the bright side, this means i will be able to do a much better job of keeping my shop stocked, so look for new items added daily.

there will be some new clutches later today.