Friday, June 12, 2009

delightful humans

i wanted to just say a few words about milly. she makes such beautiful ceramic objects, and is just a generally delightful human. i made a whirlwind visit to the art star craft bazaar, and was so so happy when i saw these little earrings she started making. they are so delicate and beautiful. they are ceramic, but are made from fabric flowers, and no two are exactly alike.

she just opened an etsy shop, and also has a little space set up in the mew gallery. so if you are in philadelphia, stop by mew and check out her wonderful little oddities, and if you are not in philadelphia, take a look at her etsy shop.

i also scored this handmade t shirt with antique lace appliques from feast. i am not sure exactly what the fabric is, but it is a little bit magical. seriously, it just feels completely wonderful.

oh, and speaking of delightful humans, you could have an especially fantastic trip to the mew gallery later this month, when new work by darla jackson will be on display. the show is called a miniature ocean and the opening reception is on saturday, june 27th. read more about the show here and more about darla here or here.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the suburbs of Philly, where and when is the mew exhibits?

and I love those earrings! they're so dainty :]

Anonymous said...

wait nevermind June 27, got it haha sorry for not reading properly!

bopbopdesigns said...

pretty finds!

Unknown said...

love the shirt, is there a feast site or any place you can buy more online?

Caitlin said...

i, too, want to know the answer to allison's question! so purdy.