Tuesday, June 16, 2009

black and white and cute all over

i love this shirt that meredith made. so simple and pretty, like its maker. i wish i had the patience for patterns or any concept of the human form that would allow me to make clothing.

i wish i could write a little song for meredith.

what a wonderful little lady she is. she takes beautiful photographs, she sells scooters, she sews, she bakes delicious treats!

meredith and steven were our hosts when we went to chicago last fall, and that is when i first fell a little bit in love with her. her adorable little apartment with the wooden floors and little vignettes of vintage curiosities. her sweet smile and darling haircuts and overall charm.

she recently started a blog and also has an etsy shop.

found via olivettistudio


meredith said...

awe, katie! thank you so much for this post. my heart just swelled a little bit.

Unknown said...

Do you happen to know when you'll be adding more bags to your shop?
I emailed you a few months back requesting a custom bag but I never received a response.
If you add any new bags, I'd like to purchase one, however they always seem to sell out so quickly.