Thursday, February 12, 2009

the thing about me

so, there are actually quite a few things about me, but this is the one i would like to talk about.

the thing is, i am a human. and right now, i am dealing with some things that are not very happy in my real life. so even though things in my handbag life are going very very well for me, i am not quite so productive as i would like to be right now, and so i apologize. not for being human, but for not having nearly as many new bags in the shop as i would like.

i am not quite ready to write about the unhappy things in my life on this blog in detail, so instead i will keep it all sunshine and handbags and talk about some excellent things that happened this past weekend, that i have been meaning to share for days.

first, we will talk about friday. i was not quite sure what kind of turn out to expect for the opening reception on friday for the show i am part of at the bambi gallery. there were so many other events going on(for those of you who do not live in philadelphia, we have an event on the first friday of each month, where many of the galleries in the city have openings for their latest shows, and folks go from gallery to gallery and check everything out), and so many of my friends had their own openings to go to. it was packed! and i only personally knew about ten people, so i was able to meet lots of new people, which was both exciting and a bit socially overwhelming. and most of my pieces are already sold, which is also very exciting.

and then there was saturday. oh saturday. i loved saturday. i have to say, after putting the final stages of the work for bambi together, helping install the show, trying to make a collection of bags and things to sell at the craft fair, and run an etsy shop, i was a bit of a zombie by the time saturday rolled around. i hadn't slept more than a few hours or eaten a decent meal all week. but it was so fun! kaitlin and jim were there and darla and laura, to name a few.

and i finally met margaux! our paths have been so close to crossing for quite some time, and i am so glad they finally did. and now i am the very proud owner of a beautiful bone ring. i have had my eye on her pelvis necklaces for quite a while now, but i do not really wear necklaces, so i was so happy when i saw her rings. maybe i will still buy one of the pelvises and just hang it on my wall and and it can make me happy every day. (pssst... margaux is kind of a superstar and there is an etsy video of her book making process)

above: said bone ring. (margaux's photo)

i went home with a whole bag of treasures. the bone ring, a ladies are complicated print made by darla jackson herself, about 30 tiny vegan donuts made by the north portfishington cookie company, a drawing/collage made by the very sweet heather sundquist, prints and a little book made by kris chau, underpants with a ship on the bum from laura mckinley, a stuffed revolver made by katie marlowe, a james ulmer print, some small prints by kaitlin mosley, and some very fun polaroid portraits.

above: ladies are complicated by darla jackson

aubrie costello put the first real makeup i have ever worn (probably since i was a ballerina like 15 years ago), and hibbard nash was taking 4x5 polaroids with his fancy camera, so kaitlin and i posed for a few.

that is me on the right in the first one. i thought it would be a good day to use the bunny mask a little. i was right.


Jimin said...

i admire all of your work. i was surprised how much you could produce beautiful bags in a such short amount of time. i know how much hard work you put it in.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a First Friday and I loved it! I can't wait to get back home (currently in florida for school) and go to them again! :]

Tom Boutell said...

Sorry to hear some things are currently non-awesome. You continue to be awesome, and I continue to enjoy the various manifestations of same.

Stitchify said...

Hi Katie. Your bags are fantastic and so is your blog in general. I think we would be buddies if we met in real life. I was obsessed with Wu-Tang in high school too. (Have you seen Afro Samurai or checked out the soundtrack?)

I'm sorry some aspects of your life aren't so swell right now. I hope everything gets straightened out ASAP. - Julie

kristina said...

I discovered your bags in December when I was dealing with some really tough things. Seeing your glorious creations---so many colors!---cheered me up, and still does. Hope things get better for you and soon, and please know that you're brightening up the days of many, and all the sunshine on theis blog.

(And yes, things have gotten for me now.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that some things are currently not going so well for you. I sincely hope that it will get better soon for you.

Your work is really gogerous and i really admire all of your lovely bags. You are putting in so much effort and hard work. Thank you for constantly putting up lovely bags in your shop! Eveytime i visit your shop and see those lovely bags with such pretty colors. They always put a smile on me!

I hope your at least having a lovely merry day! Happy weekend and happy valentines! Lots of love to you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first commenter--I am amazed by how much you are able to turn out!

e said...

katie henry, please take this long weekend off, stay away from the sewing machine, eat something really yummy, surround yourself with people who love you and watch a funny movie.

thank God you're human!


{acp} said...

i just came across your work this week and plan on purchasing a bag for my maid-of-honour once your shop is replenished. all the best and much happiness in your life.

Darla said...

Woah woah woah! You bought one of my prints?! Where the hell was I? Well I owe you one then, cause I would've given you one for free! (Well maybe I would charge one hug...I'm cheap like that. ;)
You're getting a sculpture. Thats it. My payment for all the Katie Henry niceness in the past. We'll talk when we're both less crazy.

PS- my favorite part of the day was you singing me Wu-Tang...

oh, hello friend. said...

i hope things get better for you,
whatever is going on in your life.
be encouraged :) sometimes
things get hard, but it only
makes you stronger... and hey,
you have had amazing success
in your shop which is wonderful,
i'm sure! you're in my thoughts
dear friend. if you ever need
to get away, my place is always
open in so. cal ;) we'll go to
all the best places, haha. glad
to hear your show went well! i
loved your last update..i hope
to be an owner of a purse very
soon. ♥

Melissa said...

hi kate!
sorry for all the bad things life throws at ya. it'll get better in the long run.

Melissa said...


you're on my people i admire list. because you're awesome

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

Hi Katie,
I read your last post about some unhappiness in your life. Find some "therapy", something YOU enjoy for YOU. Sewing has always been my therapy thru tragedy, raising of twins, divorce and single motherhood. I would step away from sewing for income and work on projects for ME. Then when I felt recharged I would get back to the "jobs" at hand. Don't feel guilty about time you need away from your shop, if you become over burdened you may loose your joy in sewing. There are many of us out here that enjoy your beautiful work...hang in there. I am proud to say that I own a madebyhank pouch and will think of you each time I look at my pouch.

two 'lil weeds mama said...

hey katie,

hope you have a smile on your face today, or that perhaps a bit of rest will/has helped. keep your chin up girl, we love ya & your work!

trudesign said...

Your work is amazing. You are so very inspiring.

Take some you time and do something that makes you smile or laugh.

Thank you for being human!

Anonymous said...