Sunday, May 3, 2009

a sunday well spent

kaitlin and i went to see zoe strauss's photographs displayed under I-95 earlier today. this is year nine of this ten-year project, and i am ashamed to admit that this is the first year i have made it out to see it. there were 231 photographs on display. it was pretty incredible.

because it was raining and because there was a movie theater just a few blocks away and because i sort of love beyonce, we went to see obsessed afterward. it was pretty entertaining. the fight scene between her and ali larter is pretty badass.

all in all, a sunday well spent.


cake. said...

i would go see that movie if it involved a dance battle.

miss mosley said...

the movie was perfect! need no more, but beyonce getting angry.

thanks for hanging out with me miss katie.

Jeanne Oliver said...

What a cool place for an art exhibit!

Tea Kristin said...

Looks like the coolest art exhibit! :)