Thursday, September 10, 2009

a thank you, an apology, and a giveaway walk in to a bar...

wow--! those bags went super fast, thanks everyone.

you may have noticed that i was only able to list eight new shoulder bags. due to some technical difficulties (and one of the most frustrating days i have had in a while), the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. there are a handful more, and i will try to announce a more specific time on here before i list them.

i would like to also offer a few apologies. first, it has taken me an especially long time to make my way through the insanity that has become my inbox, so i am sorry that it has taken my up to one week in some cases to get back to some of you. i assure you i am trying my very best to keep my shop stocked and keep up with internet communications, while still maintaining some level of sanity and finding a few minutes here and there to spend some much needed time with friends.

i promise to make the time to respond to each of you in the next day or two. please do not take my delayed response as a lack of gratitude or an abundance of rudeness. it is simply the trouble with the world that there are only so many hours in each day. and unfortunately i have no way of changing that. if it has been a while and you have not heard from me, please try to contact me again. as any etsy seller will tell you, etsy conversations can get a bit confusing and disorganized when you receive such a high volume of them.

i assure you all that i am very sincerely grateful to be where i am and do what i do and have the support and encouragement from all of you.

thank you for liking the things that i make, and thank you for taking the time to read my words.

i will be posting photos and details for the upcoming thank-you-for-being-awesome giveaway. because, well, i want to thank you all for being awesome.

marianne and i took a small field trip to a nearby park to take some photos today. here are some of the funtimes we had.


marianne helps

marianne helps

goldstar park

goldstar park


Rachel said...

thanks so much katie! your bags are so lovely and i'm sure everyone appreciates a headsup. i can't wait to see the other bags tomorrow, even though i'm broke now :)

Chelsea said...

totally understandable about the whole communication thing, katie. i hope to hear from you within the next few days! lovely, lovely, lovely bags!!!

Anonymous said...

Katie, i adore the bags you make...i do and i hope some day i would get a chance to puchase one of my very own madebyhank bag! *hopeful* I adore these photos of you and yours lovely bags. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

p/s: im super excited about the upcoming thank-you-for-being-awesome giveaway!

Kristen Andrews said...

beautiful love the brown and tealish combo, beautiful as usual and the pics look for the one on your head is a hoot!

Darla said...

your hair is getting so flippin' long!

brandeye said...

ohhh. they are beautiful!

Damaris said...

I love your bags Katie! Such great color and texture combinations! Keep up the amazing work!

Oh and my husband loves your pterodactyl tattoos. ;)

Michelle said...

I love your bags. I normally only buy super cheap thrift (as in under $10.) It takes something special for me to pay more. But I would definitely buy one or more of your bags if they didn't sell out so fast.

Unknown said...

Great setting for pics! I like the zombie-esque purse picture.

Inspector Clouseau said...

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