Thursday, October 7, 2010

the ramona purse

the ramona purse
the ramona purse
the ramona purse
the ramona purse
after finishing the bag for kat's aunt, i decided to make a few more in that same style. so many of you have requested smaller shoulder bags, so i changed the pattern a bit to make a smaller bag, and the ramona purse is the first of the batch to be finished.
made from a mix of vintage wools, with a little black corded canvas on the front. there are actually two flaps, one on the front and one on the back. they close to each other with a magnetic snap, and can be secured to the front of the bag with a repurposed brown leather detail, with antique brass finish dee rings.
the ramona purse
the strap can be doubled by looping the clip through the larger dee ring and clipping it to the smaller dee ring on the opposite side, or lengthened, for a longer strap or worn across the chest. i also finished the strap with metal rivets, for added handsomeness and strength.
the interior has one zippered pocket and a small clip for keys, etc.

oh, and that is a tattoo on my thumb nail. i went to have some more work done by liam sparkes last weekend, and had him do a small triangle on my right thumb nail and the earth sign on the left. it was the weirdest feeling ever. it doesn't hurt at all, but you can really feel the heavy vibration from the gun. so weird. it is not permanent, since it does not go through the nail, and will grow out with my nail. mostly i just think it is a funny substitute for nail polish, since i can't seem to wear that without it chipping like crazy since i use my hands so much. liam lives in london and said nail tattoos were a big thing there for a while, and a favorite was the chanel logo. ha!


Melissa Villadiego said...

I had wondered if those where your thumbnails when I saw them in your flickr! Very cool...

meredith said...

oh i want this one! perfect smaller bag.

and have we already talked about us both having that sweater? maybe we did last winter - - but add it to the twins list!

Lauren Haupt Estes said...

Your new tattoos are amazing! They look so good. And so do the bags, of course. :)