Thursday, September 15, 2011

renegade craft fair chicago!

renegade craft fair chicago
renegade craft fair chicago
renegade craft fair chicago
renegade craft fair chicago
renegade craft fair chicago
i took place in the renegade craft fair in chicago this past weekend, and had so much fun! it was pretty stressful leading up to the event, and it ended up taking us seventeen hours to get there (so many flooded highways in western PA), but i really had a great time. i made some new friends, ate some tasty treats, and learned a whole lot. i have done very few in-person events like this, so i still have quite a few kinks to work out, but i am newly excited about doing pop-up shops! and i was so psyched to share a booth with my pal melissa, of missmillie ceramics. i think our stuff goes great together, and we have great fun together. a good time had by all. thanks for being so damn fantastic, chicago! hope to see you again soon. xo, hank


julia said...

so happy to hear you did renegade - i hope you had a blast!! :)

Natalie said...

Wow! I wish I lived near Chicago!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the buntings. the booth looked great!

Sarah-Anne said...

love the signs! so pretty. :) congrats on the craft fair!

miss millie said...

yes we have great fun! you are too funny! and damn you take some great pictures girl!!

Gina Thomas said...

i love your displays! go you:)

amy said...

Beautiful beautiful! I wish there was a craft fair here. The feminine displays, the colors, the sweet products. I am envious of your feet walking there.


hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

Oh I would have loved to have gone to the Chicago renegade fair this year. Having been raised in Chicago and still going back to visit dear friends regularly it was something I was considering, but life and a very busy schedule didn't allow a trip this Fall. Maybe next year. So glad you went hope you were able to enjoy the city and people. Isn't it wonderful to share a booth? What a great way to develop another dear friend. Hope the LONG drive was worth it......Lisa