Wednesday, May 2, 2012

outside over there

Untitled i have been working on a new set of sewn drawings for an upcoming show at vagabond boutique (check out their blog and new web shop!). the opening is on first friday in june (june 1st), at vagabond boutique in old city. hopefully the sun will be shining and i hope to see some of you there if you can make it! i posted some sneak peeks of some of the pieces on instagram (user name madebyhank) if you want to jump over there to check them out. i'll also post them to the madebyhank facebook page soon, for those of you without smartphones. more soon. but for now it's back to the sewing machine i go! xo, hank


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll be able to restock your store soon! I swear, I saw the item I wanted right when it opened, went to the bank to put money in my account to purchase it, and once I came home it was sold out! haha

Ana said...

So glad to see new stuff from you. Good luck with the show.