Wednesday, September 3, 2008


i was so busy in the studio yesterday that i did not get to the internet until later in the evening. my, oh my.

not one, not two, but three lovely ladies mentioned madebyhank on their blogs!!!

brittni of createjacksonville had the very nicest things to say about me on her blog, paper n stitch. check it out here.

and you may have noticed in my little sidebar over there a link to frolic.
well, chelsea mentioned me on her blog yesterday!!! check it out here.

and last, but certainly not least, holly mentioned me in her take five tuesdays, where each week she mentions five etsy sellers that catch her eye. and the best part is, she put me right next to james ulmer, a fellow philadelphian and friend. james and i will be having a show together with kathryn moran near the end of november.

i am still in a bit of shock. but the best possible kind of shock. i am sooooooo excited that i kind of have to keep myself from squealing out loud. i think this calls for more ice cream for breakfast! and then straight back to the studio to do as much as my little hands will possibly allow me for as many hours as i can possibly stay awake to make as many things as possible in preparation for the renegade craft fair in chicago next weekend! if you are in chicago on saturday and/or sunday the 13th and 14th, please stop by the madebyhank booth!

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you again everyone for your support being the sweetest sweet pies!