Wednesday, September 10, 2008

too many days and one sore throat later...

i am smack in the middle of finishing up packing for chicago. i had so many grand plans and every intention of photographing and posting about the process of preparing. but, unfortunately there are only so many hours in each day and the days go by so quickly. does anyone else feel like you wake up (for me, around 7am) and then suddenly it is midnight? how does that happen?

i, of course, did not finish nearly as much as i wanted to. but i am only one person. and one person who is working her little body very hard these days. so i of course woke up with a sore throat, sore body and headache-y head the other day. i have been trying to think healthy thoughts and drink lots of water and emergen-c. i am very very excited about chicago.

i am also very pleased with myself because i had a plan, and i carried it through and the end result was exactly what the original idea in my head was! i am referring, of course, to the "bag trees" i invented. i am not sure that "bag trees" is the correct term, but i am also not sure what else to call them. basically, i needed something to hang bags onto that was not a clothing rack (because this is what i have used in the past and it is so awkward and i end up using all manner of added hooks and strings and what-nots and it usually looks just plain silly). i searched and searched online, but everything was either four hundred dollars or very very shiny chrome, which is not quite my style. so i purchased some pvc pipes (i know, they are very very terrible, and i have no excuse other than being in a time rush and not having a very mechanical mind) and some dowels and a few "toilet flanges" (sounds weird, but its really just what happened to fit the pipes to use as a base). i did not have a chance to photograph them before we packed them up, but i will snap a shot and post it when they are set up and also i will explain my process.

so i will post and post and tell you all about how much fun chicago is and how wonderful and fun our host is sure to be and how much of a huge success renegade is sure to be over the weekend.

so, if you are in chicago this saturday and/or sunday the 13th and 14th, please please please, go to the renegade craft fair and stop by the madebyhank booth to say hello!

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