Monday, February 16, 2009

the best

Katie sewing

dear everyone,

thank you for your support, words of encouragement, and for taking the time to write me so many sweet comments and emails.
i am one lucky girl.


ps- i am stitching and stitching and will keep you all posted about the upcoming shop updates.


Anonymous said...

Katie, i love this picture! It made me giggle...hehe I hope you had a good LOVE weekend! And boy am i excited about your upcoming updates! Thank you for stitching and stitching but do take good carez! Have a lovely merry day! Lots of love to you!

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

You made me smile, hope you were smiling under the rabbit yourself.

I see we have the same clamp on lamp, Ikea?? I have two and suffered under 100watt bulbs until I decided to switch to 26watt CFL bulbs, which are much more comfortable and literally took the heat off and I have noticed a $15-20 dollar decrease in my electric bill. I share that bit of info with anyone who sews under task lighting.

Kathryn Dechant said...


I am a huge fan. I just received one of your wallets in the mail, and it is so so pretty. The extra details in the packaging brought me so much joy. You are one ridiculously talented woman! I plan to buy many more of your pieces in the future!

Anonymous said...

katie henry!
i'm a little slow on my blog reading and even slower on my blog commenting...
i'm sorry your real human life has some not so pleasant things going on. argh! that just plain sucks.
my life was kind of feeling very really blah last week and before that even... but, things are getting better. i can't say we're going through the same thing... because i'm pretty sure we're not as mine was totally work related and whatnot... but, i'm sending you lots of hugs and love via the internet!
i wish i could have ventured to phialdephia and seen your show. congrats on the many cold pieces. that's so awesome! i think it was your work... you had some pieces up at the padlock gallery years ago? anyway... i aspire to create such beautiful stitched goodness. i really do.
you're so totally rad miss katie! it's true.
i use my madebyhank tough ruffles pouch every single day and think of you! (i was so excited to receive my package from you not that long ago and i'm sending you a very long over- due thank you!)
i should probably just email you... but am too lazy and am using this comment space like it's my own personal email... ah well!
anyway my dear...

i really do need to get my butt down to philly...

i'm thinking of you and hope you are well!

(i think i may have to take part in your shop update... the buying part of it, that is! of course)


cally said...

I just found your from mermag. And I have to tell you I am so madly in love with your bags.

I can't take it.

Grace said...

bahaha! i love this picture! Just found your blog after you were featured on etsy! I love ittt!

Mia Jones said...

Haha...this photo is brilliant!

Keep up the good work :)