Friday, February 27, 2009

featured and blushing


madebyhank is etsy's featured seller right now!

thank you everyone!

stop by the shop. i will be adding more bags over the weekend, as they are finished and photographed, so check back often!


Anonymous said...

Nice feature today on etsy! I love your work, and your comment about making friendship bracelets made me laugh as I used to do that obsessively as a pre-teen!

Jayme said...

Hooray! Congratulations Katie! I was wondering when Etsy would finally get around to picking you as "Featured Seller". :)
I can't believe how many wonderful new bags you're able to make every month! You look beautiful, and amazingly refreshed in your photo...I'm starting to wonder if you've taught Frances how to sew. If not, I hope this feature brings you a well-deserved studio assistant! If I was in Philadelphia I'd volunteer, for sure.
x Jayme

Suzanne said...

ooh congrats!!! i just read it and it's great!

p.s. bread and jam for frances is one of my fave books of all time! (actually the whole Frances series was pretty great :)

EvaForeva said...

Congrats on being a featured seller. You really deserve it:)

City Chic Country Mouse said...

Congrats! I love your work, I'm so happy so see you featured!

S.L.North said...

Congrats Katie!!
I first saw your lovely goods over on Danni's blog (and I've featured them a couple of times on my blog: abeillecouture.blogspot).
And then I saw your feature first thing this morning and thought that was pretty cool and that I'd tell you so. :D
I love your shelves of cones.
keep up the awesome work!
Have a fabulous day,
sasha @ thegildedbee

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie!
I just wanted to tell you that I've been following your shop for a while now and I really love your work!
It was so nice to read about you on etsy today! Congrats!
Have a nice day! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

I've totally enjoyed the tough ruffles pouch that I bought from you a few weeks ago. I have been the envy of many! Lol! Anyway, congrats on being the Etsy featured seller. You so deserve it. Your work is awesome, and your packaging is oh so cute. The receipt reminded me of the ones my grandpa used to use when I was a kid.

I saw the new post in my Google Reader and raced over to Etsy to buy the tough ruffles bag with the leather strap, but it was gone of course! Do you keep a reservations list? I'd love to get one of those in the future.

Annie Pazoo said...

Congrats on being featured - woohoo! Well deserved. I love your bags.

Melissa said...

congratulations kate!
you deserve it!!

Chrysta said...

Congrats Katie!
I read the article on Etsy and that is so awesome that you are making all those beautiful bags for a living now!
Manny's photos of them are wonderful and really compliment them well. It's been a long time since Viv for sure (haha) :)

So glad that you are doing so well and I wish you all the best.

Much care from California,


Your bags are great!! Congrats on the feature!!!

Anonymous said...

you have adorable little bags that are so unique. love them. congrats!

Anonymous said...

Katie sooo happy for you! COngratz and i love the interview! Looking forward to more lovely bags to purchase! Have a lovely merry restful creative weekend! Love to you!

knack said...


I am a big fan of your work and was so excited to see you as the featured seller so I could find out more about you and your work! You have a great story and your product and packaging are to die for!

Your photography is perfection as well! Keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

katie!!!! this is just so cool!! congratulations :)
loving your new creations, especially that one for your friend Benna
and of course....still loving my green bag!!

tara said...

Congratulations! It was the feature that brought me to your shop and now your blog. Your bags are utterly charming!

Leslie said...

Congratulations!!!! I was excited to see you as the featured seller as I have been a fan of your blog!

I also love the pictures of you with your sewing machine and the beautiful thread!! Can you tell me what kind of thread you use???


Kasey said...

i love some of your new things.