Wednesday, February 25, 2009


dear summer,

please, please, come back to me soon. i miss you so.



EvaForeva said...

I just found your shop and I am sooo in love with your stuff!!! And I really loved that photo of your work space - I am obsessed with threads and I have the same sewing machine.
And that girl you babysat... she is one lucky girl. That bag ROCKS!

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Funny. I just blogged about the beauty of winter and the next place I ended up was on your blog! It's ironic how wonderful and terrible it can be at the same time. I love that I live where there is winter though. It makes the coming of summer so much sweeter. Stop by some time and say "hi."

Jimin said...

i really enjoyed reading your interview on etsy. congratulation!
i am amazed again how much you can create so many beautiful pieces. i know that's a result of your hard work.

Alexis said...

I found your etsy shop whhich led me to your blog! I am a beginner sewer and love all the creative bags you've completed. They sorta remind me of 1800's mixed with today's fashions. kudos!