Monday, January 18, 2010

field trip and a few new bags

two morans and a henry

poopskittie, the beautiful tortoise shell tabby


melissa and kat

breakfast at the general greene

i hope everyone enjoyed their weekend (and hope those of you who have off today are continuing to enjoy your weekend!).

i took a little field trip to brooklyn to visit some friends. it was just what i needed. so many delicious meals and new friends and funtimes. we hung out on their roof and then played charades and sipped wine and laughed together until the wee hours. oh, and did i mention that liz made homemade chipwiches from the babycakes cookbook. so good.

and sunday morning we had brunch at the general greene (hi there, wasabi bloody maria served in a jam jar).

one of the friends we went to visit works for verameat, so i finally purchased a few of her pieces. i have been admiring them for some time, but kept hesitating. so this morning i have a two-headed golden t-rex dangling from my neck and little bear busts decorating my lobes.

and frances had a slumber party with her best pugfriend, smeagol.

and i will spend this rainy monday sewing up a storm of new things for the shop. i was able to add three new tough ruffles shoulder bags to the shop a few minutes ago, if you would like to take a look.


Kay Jay See Bee said...

I missed out again! *sigh* Love them!

The Tote Trove said...

Sounds like a fun weekend; lovely bags :)