Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pugs, ponies, miniatures, and ruffles

miniature sewing machine
she bought me a pony!
verameat pony

here it is, wednesday. only 1:45 pm and already so many dreams have come true today. frances (my dog) and i took our usual walk to the coffee shop this morning, and on the way home, we met penelope! she is a tiny little pug puppy and i love her. she is so small and wonderful and she makes these crazy growling sounds. her and frances were instant bff. frances was given to me when she was already one year old, so i did not know her as a puppy. her and her person live nearby, so hopefully we will run into her often. i was so distracted by the cuteness overload and the cup of hot coffee that i couldn't get a very good photo of the two of them, but i did shoot a quick iphone video.

and then the mail came. i was searching for somethingoranother on ebay a while back and came across the miniature sewing machine (it is about as wide as a dollar bill) and it was only a few dollars so i went for it. it did not come with any instructions, but it is battery operated. not sure if i will tinker trying to make it actually function or if it will just be a pretty thing to look at. either way, i kind of love it.

and then i saw the package from verameat. you might remember when i mentioned the pieces i purchased from her recently. at first i was confused because i hadn't ordered any other pieces, but then i opened the box and saw it was from my friend liz. it is an oxidized silver pony. a pony. which means i will forever be the girl who got a pony for her birthday. adriane gave me one of her beautiful little enameled brooches she made, and kat gave me a set of three llama drawings she did. which makes the tally: one pony, one rabbit, and three llamas. pretty much the best birthday ever.

and now back to sewing. i am working on a fairly large batch of tough ruffles shoulder bags in spring colors, and will keep you posted about details and when they will be officially available.


Lori P said...

love the video. :)

Rachel said...

OMG! There is nothing quite as cute as double pugs. That video is just the best! Thanks for sharing, Katie!

Unknown said...

happy belated b-day! that pony necklace is awesome - what a clever b-day gift idea! i look forward to the new ruffles! i'm going to try my darndest to snag one this time!! :D

Angie said...

oh I so hope I can snag a ruffles purse this time! Please let us know early when you'll post and give a few options cause I'm at work a lot when they go on sale. :( and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Katherine said...

i have a bunch of those mini sewing machines! i <3 them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, such a small world... I just did Renegade Craft Show in Austin and VeraMeat was my neighbor! I hadn't heard anything about her before I went to the show, but now I am seeing her stuff EVERYWHERE! She is amazingly talented! Love your pony!