Wednesday, April 14, 2010

shop update

shop update

there will be seven new large tough ruffles shoulder bags in the shop tomorrow, in purple with plum, turquoise with avocado, coral with rust, pale and bright coral, pale aqua with caramel, and mustard yellows. they will be officially in the shop at 10am EST. i have tried my best to give notice and stagger times and days of updates, and will continue to do so as much as possible to make things fair for everyone.

for more sneak peek photos, you can take a look at my flickr.

in other news, i had a birthday on monday, and am now twenty nine years old. for as far back as i can remember, it has been cold and rainy on my birthday, but not this year. the sun shone all day and it was absolutely perfect. the entire weekend was full of friends and fun and fancy meals and sunshine and laughter. and the best gifts. sometimes i just cannot believe i know so many people who make so many amazing things. i am a lucky lady.


tawny. said...

i hope you had an incredibly happy birthday, katie!
i'm excited for your shop update!
i LOVE all your art + bags!
you inspire me :)!

Unknown said...

Man!! I was on the computer 20 min before, kept refreshing, watching, and STILL all 7 bags sold out before I could even get a chance!! Again :( And it's my bonus week too. . . Oh well, I guess I'm not meant to have one of these bags. I'm going to throw a little self-pity party now. . .

the bags are lovely to look at anyway :)

Miss Annie said...

Wow. I timed it to be online, woke up early, and only managed to even SEE one of them listed.

Hank, you are my hero for being so darn popular.

This only strengthens my resolve. I will have you, made by hank purse...oh yes I will.

Rachel said...

Got one! And just the one I wanted...that pretty all coral one! So excited!

O' So Girly said...

Isn't 10am EST like now? :(

Anonymous said...

so sad I missed them by an hour and a half :(
I can't wait to snag one. Happy belated Birthday, Katie!

The Button Chick said...

That turoquoise with avocado is to die for! Love it! And a belated happy birthday to you!