Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a backpack and a happy hump day sale

joanna with her backpack (front)
joanna with her backpack (pockets under flap)
joanna with her backpack (side)

a while back, i made a giant backpack for my friend joanna. she went on a small adventure to a few spots on the west coast so we worked out a trade and i made this crazy backpack for her. she gave me the canvas and the burlap that i used for the ruffles, and i worked in some stripes and a few other details, and this is the result.

**also, i am running a small afternoon sale. as an extra thank you to my blog readers, receive 15% off of all orders placed between now and today (wednesday november 3rd) at 4pm EST from my bigcartel shop. just enter the code HUMPDAYSALE. happy wednesday!


Dreaming when I should be working said...

Thank you for the sale, Katie! I'm now a proud owner of THREE madebyhanks :)

[I'm gonna be bummed when all of your etsy fans find you again on bigcartel - it's still somewhat unknown, I think]

:) Jessica

sacholn said...

Thank you so much for the sale! That is the most amazing HUGE backpack I have ever seen. I also agree, it will be kind of sad when the Etsy fans find you, then it wont be as "easy" to snag the cute bags you make!

Unknown said...

The backpack is amazing!! I wish someday you'd make one for your bigcartel shop :) I'll have to save some $$$ for another madebyhank bag!!

Take care :)