Monday, November 1, 2010

deep blues tough ruffles

two new tough ruffle shoulder bags available here and here. both have repurposed leather straps, doubled over and twice topstitched. i am really happy with how the straps turned out, the leather is soft and perfect for resting comfortably on hard-working shoulders.

hope everyone had a happy halloween!

oh, and also, the madge, poppy, meg, and dorothy purses have been marked down to make room for new additions.


rivka said...

You don't have photos of the inside of your purses anymore. I like to see how the pockets are placed, how many, are the edges piped, etc. before deciding to buy one. Miss those photos.

katie henry said...

because it is so difficult to take the photos of the interiors of the bags, they often turn out pretty awkward, but i have been posting them to my flickr page, if you want to check there. the larger bag is sold out, but there are two more of the smaller bag available. the interior of that style looks like this:
hope this helps!

chense said...

I really like the look of your newest large tough ruffles bag (like how the stitching converges)! Please make more soon! : )

Btw, I also miss seeing those repurposed leather belts used as your bag straps (the ones with the buckle)..

rivka said...

Thank you Katie! So sorry I didn't think of that! Chense I agree with you. The repurposed belt straps are my favorite! lol full of critiques here...never mind...I love your work and your ethic so much, Katie.