Monday, January 24, 2011

hank's stoop sale. check it out.


Unknown said...

i didn't see a lot of these items on the stoop sale page... i'm guessing a lot of them have already sold? bummer!

rivka said...

This comment is not related to your stoop sale (although I thought it was great!)...

Could you do a blog post (with pics!) about the bags YOU are carrying these days? Do you carry your own bags? Have you custom made a bag that has the perfect organizational pockets that HANK and only Hank needs? Do you have an interesting wallet or have you custom made special pouches just for you?

I thought your fans(: would love to see the bags that Hank carries...are they her own or does she ever buy from others?

Thanks...and I ask because I'm just super nosy, bag crazy and handmade crazy (and respect your taste, too)!