Monday, January 31, 2011

thank you so much for the orders from yesterday's zipper purses update! i am busy, busy, writing up orders and carefully packaging each one. those will go out either tomorrow (tuesday), or at the very latest wednesday.

i have been [happily!] sewing the days away lately, taking full advantage of all the snowy and grey days we have had in philadelphia by putting myself to work. i feel so much more productive lately, after taking a few much needed days to rest and re-organize after the holiday rush and new year. it seems i have also successfully replaced coffee with a morning spirulina + flax oil + fruit smoothie. i feel about one thousand times better, and even though i was definitely addicted to the caffeine, (most days i would have about 8 shots of espresso), i seem to have kicked that habit. which is great, since unfortunately the energy it was giving me also ended up making me feel super anxious and stressed. i still really want to drink coffee, not because i feel the need for caffeine anymore, but because i love the taste. but i cannot be trusted to have just a little, so i will stick to smoothies and bubbly water.

but back to bags. there will be new tough ruffles zipper purses and shoulder bags in shades of aqua, olive, deep teal, and grey available in the bigcartel shop around 8am EST tomorrow (tuesday) morning. did you notice the zipper clutch a-go-go in the sneak peek photos? it is the first of many new shades to come.


sara said...

wow. i dont know how i would give up the joe. do you really feel better?

cupcaaake said...

wow, I ordered 2 valentines pouches from your shop in bigcartel and can't wait to get them :) It's my 3rd or 4th order from your shop!
Oooooh,I'd like bags with longer straps!
Oh and this new style of zipper purse looks great :) I may order one of them in a near future :)

Ginny Grace said...

i'm so excited for zipper clutch-a-go-go again. its been so so so long since you have made them. i snatched one up first thing this morning. thanks katie for being so talented!!
**this is like my 50th order from you!!!**