Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a small break

last weekend i was able to make a few much-needed days off. my good pal kat and i (and frances) drove up to the hamptons to visit my friend (her sister), who is currently working on a farm out there and living in a little house in the woods. we went to visit her back in august, and it is a completely different place this time of year. liz calls the swarms who vacation there in the summertime 'turkeys', which is both fitting and funny. it is pretty deserted in the winter, which was really nice. it was also the most beautiful few days we had in quite a while (it felt like spring!), which meant spending some valued time outdoors. we spent most of two afternoons on the beach, and frances went in the ocean for the first time (she loves it!). it was so, so wonderful to soak up some sunshine and breathe some non-philadelphia air and spend time with two of my favorite humans.


mari said...

Looks like a truly beautiful day. And hooray for brave Frances!

Rebecca Maureen said...

She really is the cutest little baby, love that one with her pink tongue out sideways! Looks so peaceful, I feel more calmed just looking at these :)