Sunday, February 27, 2011

shop update!

who: shop update
what: new tough ruffles shoulder bags and zipper purses in shades of greens, greys, blacks, lavenders, and blues.
when: tuesday march 1st, 8am EST
where: the madebyhank etsy shop
why: because it's the signature madebyhank style!

oh, and in case you were wondering, yes! there will be some of the larger sizes with the adjustable leather belt straps! my recent thrifting adventures payed off, and i was finally able to find a handful of old belts (woot!). i will be posting sneak peek photos tomorrow (monday) so you will have a better idea of what to expect.

xo, hank.


Casie Haley Photography said...

Yay Katie! I am SO HAPPY that you were able to make some bags with your signature belt strap! They are so original & I always have people complimenting the bags that I already own with that feature! We LOVE them! So durable & super adorable!

Rachel said...

I'm loving the green and lavender colors. What size will the large bags be?

Katie VanVliet said...

Oh, Katie! I was so sad for an entire month because I had lost one of your pencil purses...and last night I finally found it! It had been sitting on a friends' coffee table all along, I just hadn't visited them (and had forgotten that I had), and they didn't know whose it was!

I am so relieved.