Tuesday, September 23, 2008

we have a W-I-N-N-E-R ! (well, one and two-halves winners, actually...)

i have been about one-half to three-quarters sick the past two weeks or so, and this morning i woke up entirely sick. terrible cough, headache, sore throat, sore everything-- the whole deal. so i decided to do the old draw-names-from-a-hat style(a small glass fish bowl-ish type object, actually) instead of trying to figure out random.org, because computers often make my head hurt even more than a head cold.

so, the first name that was chosen was...

LAUREN! congratulations- you are officially the winner of the madebyhank rabbit bag!

a few minutes later, i decided to also have two runners-up (runner-ups?), so i pulled two more names out of the bowl, lissilulu and rockstarlibrarian.
each of these ladies will receive a madebyhank tough ruffles zipper purse.

(can you both please send me your emails/ shipping addresses? i could not find them on your blogs)


e said...

okay, can you be any cuter in the way you announced the winners even though you're so sick! please rest up now and take a good long nap with some hot soup!

Crowandiris said...

Oh I so hope you feel better soon, its no fun trying to work and get things done when feeling sicky :(

I love all the new bags, want one in every color :)

lissilulu said...

O-H M-Y G-O-S-H!!!!!

I never win anything...my oldest daughter was pitying me yesterday because I never get anything new and now I do!! :o)

Thank you Katie!

p.s. I am not yelling--I am squealing. LOL!

Darla said...

You're so flippin cute ;)

Rock Star Librarian said...

I'm going to do a major happy dance over this because I never win anything either! :)