Sunday, November 9, 2008

animal crackers

i just thought i would share this with you. one of my favorite songs of all time. it always makes me happy, even when i sew through my index finger again, and even when it takes me a second to take my foot off the pedal, so this time the needle went through three times. at least it didn't go through my fingernail this time.

Oh, eat your animal crackers
'Cause my mother told me so long ago,
If you eat your animal crackers,
The children in Europe won't starve anymore.
Ha ha hahaha hahaha.
Oh, once I went on a diet,
A carbohydrate diet ain't nice
'Cause you can't eat animal crackers.
So, I'm gonna stay a fatty for all of my life,
Ha ha hahaha hahahaha.
But some people think that fatties are nice, yeah.
I love eating ice cream,
Chocolate, vanilla and butter pecan,
But I best love animal crackers
'Cause I love helping my fellow man.
Yeah, I really do.

Did you ever hear of Alice's restaurant?
I eat at Alice's restaurant year after year.
She makes an animal cracker pizza, ha
And she gives animal crackers
out free with the beer.
Oh, let's give Alice a great big cheer.
She knows the age of the animal cracker is here.
Ah, animal crackers are in this year!
Ha ha hahaha.
Oh, lalalalala lala lala

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