Saturday, November 1, 2008

fun times

so as most of you know, last night was halloween. we spent the better part of the morning in four different thrift stores searching for a costume for manny. i recently purchased a rabbit mask (i just really wanted one- not because it was halloween, though the timing worked out quite well!), so he decided to be a hunter. i sewed him a sweet little double barrel shotgun (in about thirty minutes, so it was a bit wonky) to complete the look.

i hung with the dimasi family for a bit (i used to be their nanny), and lila and enzo of course made me so laugh a whole lot. when we were walking to the halloween party they were headed to, i was making small talk with lila and asked her who she is voting for. without even a hint of hesitation, she said "barack obama". she is five years old. i did not actually expect a response, but the one i got made me very happy. apparently she saw a program on television where kids vote for who they would pick for president if they could.

then manny and i headed over to silicon gallery. he and kaitlin were having a closing party for their show that was up this past month, mixed with a bit of a halloween party. we called it a night pretty early, after heading over to jb's for some snacks and drinks.

above, left to right: jeff as a spaceman, kyle as a gorilla, manny as a hunter, me as a rabbit, kaitlin as a vampire (she had really good fangs!), and james as a sailor

rick thought it was completely hilarious that a rabbit was sending text messages. those beautiful photographs you see in the background were taken by kaitlin (manny's were on the opposite wall).

all of the above photos were taken by rick de coyte


meredith said...

i love your mask!

steven's 5 year-old daughter calls barack obama "rock bama".

Geoff DiMasi said...

Lila and Enzo love to see you, too! And they giggle a whole lot whenever you are around.

Anonymous said...

i want a rabbit mask!