Tuesday, November 11, 2008


not one, not two, but five very sweet ladies sent me messages (thank you!) to let me know that i was i was mentioned as exemplary listing of the week in an email (etsy success: tips & techniques) from etsy etsy.

the text reads: Using models, and staging them well, can bring life to your item listings! madebyhank, keeps their handbag the main focus of this shot, while using a model, quite nicely!

this is a bit exciting and just a little funny, because mostly the photos are just quick shots, taken outside because we don't get much natural light in our place. also because each bag is different, each bag has to be photographed (which can become quite time-consuming), so usually i just hold them because it is a bit quicker/easier (and sometimes they look a bit lonely without a person). also, i detest having my photo taken , but my feet don't mind at all!

edit: i also want to say that 99.999% of the photographs are taken by the wonderful manuel dominguez,jr. he is amazing and loves me even when i make him take 75 photos of handbags every other day or so (and even when i am cranky and impatient about it- which is also about 99% of the time!).

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Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I saw that this morning too, and thought it so weird that I just found your blog and Etsy a couple days ago and now they sent you to me in an email! Strange how that happens sometimes.

You really do take beautiful product photos; sometimes the quickest, simplest ideas are the ones that word the best.