Sunday, December 28, 2008

oh, and some fun stuff i forgot to share...

the b2 bazaar bonanza was a smashing success. it was so nice to be in a room full of good people. we went home with some pretty sweet stuff, too.

benna made me a bracelet, which may well be the best piece of jewelry i have ever owned. (benna is five)

james ulmer was doing five-dollar sharpie portraits. of course manny and i took full advantage of that.

and to go with those, two polaroid portraits in the faux forest by zoe strauss. note my zombie eyes. the result of not sleeping for about two weeks prior to this photo. i tried to make a scary face to match them.

and here are two that we took of each other a few months back (pre-beard manny). these were taken with his camera that i have absolutely no idea how to use (you have to match up two images in the lens and you really have no idea what you are photographing. i will stick to my little sewing machine, and leave the cameras to him). we were outside of the photo place and he wanted to develop the roll and had two exposures left. so he took one of me and i took one of him.

our tree. we stopped by greensgrow to pick out a tree on sunday, and as we were walking up, we saw the sign that told us they closed at 4pm (it was around 3:52pm). but the best thing happened. we turned around and there, right in front of us, was the most beautiful, most perfect blue spruce. we were just going to get a little guy, but were both glad this one found us instead. and the nicest man i have met in a very long time helped us wrap it up and even carried it to the car for us.

and what could possibly be better than this very perfect tree (which makes our place smell soooo good)? a handmade stocking, sewn for me by manny. i made one for him last year, so this year he made one for me. he assured me he knew how to use my machine, and so i was to stay on the other side of the room, so i would not see it until it was finished. approximately four minutes later i heard bbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. which was the sound of one million threads building up underneath the machine, because he had no idea he was supposed to put the presser foot down. for those of you who sew, you know that is a pretty important step to take.

he even wrote my name in glue and finished it with fuschia glitter.

i hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!


oh, and thank you everyone- the clutches i posted a few hours ago are sold and will be sent on their way to their new homes shortly!


Anonymous said...

he's so sweet to make you the stocking, and I (not a seamstress by any means) have forgot plenty a time to put down the foot before sewing a huge ball of thread into my project of choice. haha merry christmas, hope you guys have a happy new years too! :]

outlawnotahero said...

That is sooo cute! And I love the stocking you made for him. How was Mummers? Did you freeze your petooties off like Dan and I? We made it to through to the Irish American string band before I lost all feeling in my fingers and we decided to take refuge at Good Dog...where apparently all the comics came after they were done was awesome. :)