Monday, December 29, 2008

something wonderful this way comes...

oh, oh, oh!

this is exciting news indeed.

for the past few months, i have been half-heartedly searching for some sort of clothing tags or something along those lines to sew onto some of my smaller zipper purses and things. mostly i had been whole-heartedly hoping for something to magically fall in my lap because every time i tried to search for some, they were super sadly mass produced in lots of places, none of which were located in america. i wanted something simple and understated, yet unique.

i was somehow lucky enough to randomly stumble upon roberto's etsy shop a few weeks back, and those gears in my brain started turning right away. he makes wooden things, you see. and i love wooden things. and i love buttons and i love tags, as anyone who has ever met me or has purchased something from me can easily tell.

do you see where this is going?

wooden buttons, and wooden tags!
i asked him if he would be able to make the little tags he makes with some extra holes, and even though i am not always the best at making my ideas go from my brain to someone else's in a very organized way (especially through the internet waves), he sent me a little package of samples and i sort of couldn't believe how completely and absolutely perfect they were!

you, see, i have this mother. she is somewhere in ohio and she has these wrists. these wrists are so very small. and so i have these wrists that are so very small. and being a waitress for ten years and a stitcher for nearly five now, my little wrists have developed some repetitive motion stress issues.

and sewing up the storm that i have been recently has made me a bit concerned. sewing the madebyhank freehand onto each of well over five hundred bags and zipper purses and clutches is beginning to take its tole.

and so, i will still stitch it onto most of the things that i make. but this way, i can offer some smaller zipper purses and such, finished with these little wonders.

each one is engraved with madebyhank. this is terribly fancy and exciting to me, and so i wanted to share this with you.

please visit roberto's shop. it's called bullfrog laserworks. he not only makes beautiful wooden things, but is is also a very sweet and kind person too.

he literally made my dreams come true. now that just doesn't happen every day.


Lorelei Eurto said...

Love this idea! Congratulations! They will look super! And give your wrists a rest! :)

two 'lil weeds mama said...

You are super creative, putting his talents and yours together! glad to hear he caught onto your internet waves and produced what you sound to have been seeking for some time. Be kind to your wrists, you've only got two!

lissilulu said...

Katie, it sounds so perfect!

I also wanted a tag that didnt look mass produced and would match different things.

I ordered a stamp with lissilulu on it locally and bought different colors of grosgrain ribbon at the dollar tree and stamped and stamped with permanent ink...i LOVE them.

Can't wait to see your new tags.

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

I am SOOO glad that I did get a chance to by an "original" madebyhank with your stitching. Being a seamstress for over 40 years myself knowing the stress sewing can have on a body, I knew that in time you probably would have to go another route with your labeling. WONDERFUL idea, I had noticed his carriers but never did pay attention to the tags.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

This is such great news! Can't wait to see the real things on your lovely purses and clutches! I'm having major repetitive stress issues too, in the form of tendinitis. Uck.

dang argyle said...

that is funny! because a few weeks ago i was reading a blog post of a fellow michigander about the custom stamp he bought from the same shop! ha! i really want a big ole stamp for us.

Banana-head Pancake said...

ah! I love his shop!
I can't wait to see your tags and buttons!