Saturday, December 6, 2008

something quite chilly and something rather warm and fuzzy

yesterday morning started extra early for me, and i sadly misjudged the warmth of my tights. they did not keep me quite so warm as i had hoped while i rode my bicycle on a few errands, and once i am cold it takes a while to warm up. especially when i am sitting fairly still at my sewing table, and my poor fingers get so cold.

but when i checked the mail, the very best thing happened. a madebyhank customer who happens to also be a very sweet person sent me a very thoughtful gift. i was very touched. my eyes even welled up a bit. it was a box and inside was a copy of zoe's book. i had mentioned in an earlier post that we arrived a little late and so i missed out on a copy at her party last weekend. and you read that and thought of me and sent it to my home and your timing could not have been more perfect. thank you, pamela. it is so much more than a book. the thought behind this kind act warmed my heart. thank you so much.

and now i am going back to working on new bags for a shop update in the next day or so! stay tuned...

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two 'lil weeds mama said...

blush. oh gosh. a post about the book.

katie~ you really were not suppose to know who that came from. darn packing slip, one must have been included.

i so appreciate your hard work w/ your etsy shop & your extremely creative talent. i'm thankful i found your shop to be able to give my dear friends something so nice for the holiday.

enjoy yours w/ your love ones! happy holidays.